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Pisces Goat (Sheep) Personality

The Goat Pisces is a delight to be around; you are the honey to which the hummingbirds fly in order to gorge themselves. Sweet and ethereal, your entire soul oozes beauty, truth, and other mainstays of the poetic Piscean tradition.

You aren’t what one might call a ball of fire, but then again, you don’t need to be — your innocence and helplessness inspires everyone around you to do your bidding without you doing much more than to blow the occasional kiss and heave the occasional sigh, all while languidly waving that peacock-feather fan of yours.

It’s delightful to live a kept life, but be sure to put something away for tomorrow, because the things of the body are transient, and someday your steady source of ardent lovers may not be there to cushion the impact of the rest of reality. A habit of dependence (a la Goat) is seldom lost, once gained.

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