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Pisces Astrological Goddess Power

Pisces Astrological Goddess Power

The Pisces woman is a mystical dreamer.

You are the siren of the Zodiac that call men back to more romantic and royal times.

Your Many Fabulous Qualities

Pisces dear, romance was invented just to please you. And every man that meets you wants to make your dreams come true – in his bed! Luckily, you adore being adored and couldn’t take offense at his forward ways if you tried.

You are sweet and shy but never in an insecure way. It’s just that the world moves too fast for the dreamer’s mind. And so much effort is wasted on reality.

You are the most supportive signs in the Zodiac when it comes to your man and he will delight that you are always there to applaud his victories and kiss his boo-boos.

A Pisces’ emotions can overwhelm most everyone except you. You are sentimental and enjoy a good cry when your feelings are hurt and even when you feel just fine.

You can hypnotically relax any man and usually do. Many want to follow you home and you are rather fond of the strays that find their way to your door.

You are a skillful listener that puts men at ease and makes even the toughest guys want to spill their hopes, dreams and even fears.

Harsh words tax your soul but you are not above them when your patience or gentle nature are offended. You shock his sense when your temper gets the best of you and he tries better because of it.

You can be aloof and quite independent especially when you feel you can’t trust that man. You are more into observing to learn his ways that confronting him.

You are a wonderful caregiver of men, children, the sick and elderly. You love to pamper others and they love to let you.

You are excellent for any man’s ego because you feel no need to compete in his world. You are perfectly fine with being taken care of and dreaming your days away.

You love the idea of love and want a life filled with hugs and kisses and some very romantic lovingmaking.

And Pisces dear, while all these qualities are rightfully yours, the universe gave you something else that makes you the Pisces Goddess.

Your True Goddess Power

Of all your fabulous qualities, your enchantment is your power source. With any luck, us mere mortals have been kind to you and you have not lost an ounce of your mysterious allure. Rumor has it that you are not really from this planet but are from some magical castle that lies deep in outer space. Please beam the rest of us up!

Never underestimate this awesome power and never let your spirit become totally Earth bound. You are here to remind the rest of us of the mystical magic and esoteric ways of the universe. Share your gifts in art, music, romance novels or dance. By never settling for an average boring life, the whole world will be a better place and you will live as our Goddess.

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