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Pisces Horse Personality

What to do to keep yourself from being taken advantage of by others? For that is the Horse Pisces‘ major weak spot, and it will take much tempering by time to lessen this vulnerability of yours.

For you are adrift in a sea of romance (courtesy of your Piscean side), and tend to view everyone’s motives through the same lens that colors your own. You are the consummate rationalizer, even when you’re unaware that that is indeed what you’re doing.

Horse PiscesYour love life seems to have a mind and heart of its own, and has a habit of leaving strange gifts on your doorstep in the middle of the night. Try not to depend too much on any other person, and instead develop the hitherto untapped reserves of self-reliance that are your Horse half’s birthright.

The only thing keeping you from self-actualization is your self-indulgent lassitude. Shake off that half-awake state and give yourself a good talking-to — it’ll make things easier later on, for all concerned.

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