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Pisces Jealousy

Pisces Jealousy

Pisces attitude toward jealousy

So you’ve reeled in a Fish. Now what?

Well, I would suggest not gutting it but remove that painful hook, for starters.

Neptune-ruled Pisces is the third water sign of the zodiac, and is also known as the sign of the Fishes. Pisceans born on the cusp of Aquarius may be more independent and open-minded, and those born on the cusp of Aries may be more outgoing and more passionate.

Pisceans tend to be a sweet, sympathetic, pleasant bunch. They’re usually fairly agreeable and easy-going. In fact, they can be quite laid back at times.

They’re often quite dreamy and sensitive. If a Fish is quiet around you, don’t think they’re ignoring you or being rude. Chances are they’re roaming through a daydream and have just forgotten that you’re there. Or not. As distracted as they seem, Pisceans are actually very sharp and can read you like a book. They’ve been referred to as human lie detectors, and they’ve got spot-on intuition. They don’t miss much.

They’re considerate people, gentle and affectionate. Children and animals tend to love Pisceans.

They’ve got great imaginations, and can be quite artistic. The world inside their head is often mystical and ideal.

For all that, Pisces can be surprisingly practical and independent, if they so choose. Oftentimes, the real world is kind of a drag, so they’ll drift away, but they can always take care of business and will get things done. While they encourage protectiveness from others, they are able to take care of themselves (as well as any strays, human or animal, that wander across their path).

When things aren’t going so smoothly, Pisces may become more escapist than usual, and overly emotional and moody. They can be very self-indulgent people, and indecisive. They’ve got a bit of a temper, but it’s rare.

Pisceans live for love. They’ve got affection and caring to spare in spades. They’re very trusting and gentle with their mates, and will shower them with love and attention. However, many Fish are lacking in self-confidence. If their trust is betrayed, they will be jealous and heartbroken. Not for them, an angry scene and a shattered Pisces is more likely to be quiet and sad, and can deliver one heck of a guilt trip.

While Pisces can get along with just about anyone, they tend to be most compatible with the other two water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. With Cancer, they can just settle down into a warm and comfortable home and dream together for the rest of their lives. Dominant, passionate Scorpio will make Pisces feel secure and cared for, while Pisces’ gentle affection will soothe the Scorpion.

Earthy Capricorn can find love and comfort from the harsh world with a Pisces, and fellow earth sign Taurus will enjoy playing house with their Fish.

Fiery Aries may slow down his or her headlong charge through life with the love of an understanding, accepting Pisces, while Aries may inspire the Fish to greater things.

Aquarius will enjoy the mental connection with a Pisces, and feel safe with their dreamy gentleness.

Fiery Leo and Pisces will share a mutual attraction, but Leo may be too overbearing and demanding. Air signs Gemini and Libra and Pisces tend to get along very well, but the relationship may be shallow and unsettled, at best.

Earthy Virgo may be too rigid and gloomy for the sensitive Pisces soul, and they may find they have little in common.

Anyone who’s got a Fish in their life will discover new depths of love and affection, if they can learn to enjoy swimming in warm, dreamy waters.

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