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Pisces In Karmic Astrology

Pisces To find the balance between a complex, interdependent world and a quiet mystical reality.

Striving to live up to standards, it is important to note where the standards come from. Recognize that there are an endless number of people, well intentioned or not, who are very willing to advise you on how to run your life (me included). You periodically break from that cacophony to seek solace within, to escape. Do you, personally, want to be a cause or an effect? Match your intuitive perceptions with the wisdom of the past and be an example of right living here on earth. A lot of your message will be non-verbal (although you have a gift for words). You know that you are being watched, but are you being judged too? Perhaps not as you suppose.

“Love God with all your heart and love one another here on Earth.”

This is truly the Neptunian watery God of feelings, the heart and compassion of the Christ Consciousness, Unconditional love. These people have experienced abandonment, suffering, imprisonment and illnesses to the extent that in this lifetime, they need their solitude and relaxation in order to make sense of all the craziness of past lives.

They often get stuck in their martyrdom because of the heavy cross they bear and no one else will even often to carry it for them. These people have also been great healers, those who walked with the Buddha, the Christ…They have been present at the time of the Crusades or in the same strand as all the martyrdom and sainthood which followed the old religions. The feet are the healing elements, the areas that can be healed.

These are truly psychic and spiritual healers, manifesting all the diseases and illnesses of those negative thoughts with which they come in contact. They truly humble themselves into heaven and an immortal life…after death.

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