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The Pisces Man

The Pisces man must manage to avail himself of qualities such as sensitivity, tenderness, imagination and empathy that, in our society, are not certainly considered priorities for the male gender.

The man of this sign has often experienced a great sense of “diversity” himself, which results from the perception of having characteristics that others do not have and of not having those that are considered to be “normal”.

In any case, the Pisces man is quite far from the idea of a strong and rigid man and, therefore, he could embody the prototype of a man that includes in himself strength and weakness, sense and sensitivity, a man who can take part in the great plan of life because he does not only use “logos” but is also fully involved in the world of feelings and emotions. A man whose unconscious side is in contact with the conscious side and nourishes it.

This dimension is not easy for a man: Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune that embodies an archetype of “conception and active and constructive performance”, but also an archetype in which the concept of strength is very distant from the Martian concept of penetration and aggression.

Men are not so used to these kinds of expressions; from birth they are used to developing physical strength, courage, the ability to take active part in the world. Neptune asks you to “feel” rather than to take action, to “wait confidently because there are things that simply happen …, even without our intervention”, it asks you to develop inner strength, and just for this reason it is not passive, but it represents the ability to actively accept what is not and cannot be under our control.

Neptune is a planet that the more we try to take action and to understand things with our mind and reason, the more it denies itself and deprives us of its support. It is not reason, it is not our mind, it is something that goes beyond them, against which the strength of the Ego fights … often also for too long, because it is extremely afraid of it and because it knows that Neptune will deflate it, although it does not know that it will actually make it stronger and immortal.

The Pisces man is immersed in a powerful female energy which he will have to integrate within his male energy without splitting the two parts: this internal dynamics is well described by Nietzsche when he talks about the anguish and the sense of crucifixion of the Ego when it feels torn between the Apollonian dimension and the Dionysian one typical of his nature.

In a man, especially in western men, Apollonian seduction is very powerful and therefore too often all those elements that do not belong to rationality and masculinity are blocked, intended in their traditional sense, highlighted by the classic hero who fights against the monsters and the devils that symbolise the unconscious.

Actually, the Pisces man is called upon to show a great courage, and accept that not everything can be understood by the mind and that, in order to enter the inner dimension, he has to let go of the barriers that obstruct the entirety and “rely” on a higher force, as Neptune requires.

The sign of the two fishes swimming in opposite directions represents the possibility of returning to that sense of “participation” and, therefore, it is fundamental that Pisces man manage to deeply “feel” the meaning of the mission that inspires them and makes them want to experience all the dimensions of life. This way he will be a true man, a citizen of the world, satisfied with his participation and his roots, from which he can even detach himself without losing contact with the spiritual dimension.

Without a true contact with the soul, life “dies”, slowly fades away because it loses its meaning. If this man just experiences the (Apollonian) practical and mental side, he will slowly fade away because he will lose his “nourishment” and his “fecundity”, which derives from the possibility of resorting to that collective human dimension that will give him the strength to discover his individuality and diversity.

The latter is the result of the integration of the male and female sides, integration that will also enable him to be “a father” for all intents and purposes, to take care of, look after and support by taking an active part in all the aspects of life that once concerned women only.

This new man, with a different and substantial role, will be very close to the psychology of Pisces man–father that can be found in the myth. We cannot actually forget that in the Myth of Zeus there is a passage where God offers his “thigh” which becomes a “uterus” for the son Dionysus whose mother has been killed.

So, the myth reminds us of an archetypal dimension that a man, especially Pisces men, can enter by finding in himself the huge richness that results from the integration of the two polarities.

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