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Pisces May 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our May 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Pisces Zodiac Sign!

Pisces Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

You may surprise yourself in May 2016 in terms your emotional response to people, especially in the family environment; sometimes an emotion or feeling can jump out of nowhere and take hold of you. Often, you may feel as if you do not even know yourself. It may be that you finally begin to acknowledge or something in your past has affected you: by dwelling on this issue, you may get a better understanding on why it may have happened, and perhaps you will be able to put a new, more positive spin on it.

You are highly influenced by the undercurrents within your home, and if there is a negative atmosphere it is best for you to get away from that as other people’s negative emotions are especially toxic for you. Cleanse your aura often by showering and bathing, and then get to a place where you can feel safe and generate some positivity. If you are feeling blue right now, it may be down to you absorbing someone else’s bad vibes more than something you are generating. Pisces are very porous emotionally, and you can be highly sensitive to the prevailing mood – that is why in May 2016 especially you need to be with people who ooze positive emotions.

You may have relations staying over with you in May, and you will find this rather disruptive to your own routines. There is a certain chaotic element to your home life in May, and you will have to be flexible and make some sacrifices in terms of your personal space. You have a feeling of being invaded right now, and you need to withdraw to a place (either a physical or mental space via meditation) where you can gain some balance and get your head cleared.

You can be rather scatty in May 2016, and so it is not a good time to make decisions of a financial or technical nature.

May 2016 Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope

Relationships are intense in May 2016 whether they are new or established, and there can be a subtle battled of wills. You may not actually argue, but something is simmering below the surface, and it may be hard for you to broach the issue as you may think that perhaps you are imagining something.

You are picking up signals, and yet your partner may deny that there is anything wrong – perhaps they are carrying something they are unwilling to talk about, but which you can sense. This is a month when deep-seated issues in the relationship will make life awkward and an unwillingness by your partner to talk can frustrate you.

The sex can potentially be very good, and yet the underlying emotions are not loving. It is a complex and confusing month for relationships when deep-seated issues can act like dead holly leaves which continue to prick. Often the cause of relationship difficulty in May 2016 is beyond your control and may even lie in the distant past – the best way to deal with problems is by not trying to control things or delve too deeply into them. Calmness, understanding and patience is the anecdote for all relationships in May. Sometimes we have to have our secrets and our silences, and we must let others have them too.

Pisces Career Horoscope May 2016

This is a wonderful month for writers and journalists as you will find a wealth of material at your fingertips. You are highly tuned in right now and able to touch a nerve with your writing, which is just what good writing should do. This is also a wonderful month for actors as you can step into a character and feel the emotions of that character as your own. May 2016 will be very fruitful for Pisces who conduct research or whose field of study is linked to history or pharmacy.

May is a highly productive month in any career where a sense of timing is important, or where your ability to empathize or understand a client is essential. You are operating at a highly psychic level, and although it may not be straightforward to interpret to signs you are getting, with a little logic added on you will find that you can come up with amazing solutions. This ability can be especially helpful in careers where you diagnose or where you use your hands to help people to make physical recoveries, i.e. physiotherapist, occupational therapy, chiropractors, osteopaths, etc.

Those who write about or teach creative subjects or literature – anything where an intuitive rather than logical understanding is essential. You have an excellent ability to convey complex issues.

May is not an ideal month to deal with property and real estate – avoid closing deals or making offers as there may be hidden problems or issues that only come to light after the purchase.


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