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Pisces May 2018 Horoscope

Pisces May 2018 Horoscope Monthly Overview

The Pisces May 2018 monthly horoscope forecasts that you should do everything you can to lend a helping hand on the 1st. After all, someone may be lending you a helping hand right now, and you might not even know it. Be gracious and grateful for all the gifts in your life, while you’re at it, as the month starts. Wow!

That’s some pretty fabulous news you’re going to get on the 4th! And then again on the 5th! Wow. What’s great is just how good you feel about everything right now. Well, you’ve really been doing your best to take good care of yourself and treat yourself with the gentleness and respect you need and deserve. Good job, you!

Someone really loves you, and they let you know on the 9th and 10th. It sure does put a smile on your face. Even more romance, sun and mystery is in store for you on the 13th, 14th and 15th. Wow! Pisces, go ahead and do some much-needed maintenance when it comes to a couple of relationships on the 18th, 19th and 20th. Are they still road worthy?

Do the right thing on the 25th of May 2018. Your dreams and daydreams are revelatory on the 29th and 30th. Something wonderful comes your way on the 31st.

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May 2018 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts Pisces

The May 2018 Pisces horoscope predicts that somebody out there may be making your romantic life easier on the 1st in a way you weren’t even aware could be subject to influence. For example, they might be telling your romantic other half that they really need to make time to talk to you about their feelings, and your romantic other half could be taking this advice very much to heart. Or they might just be finishing up a project at work so that you can leave early and arrive fresh and perky for your blind date. Be grateful!

Serious positivity and lots and lots of romance make the 4th and 5th totally wonderful days. Save the love letters you receive on the 9th and 10th for posterity. Yes, they’re that good! Wait, are you getting even more love letters on the 13th, 14th and 15th? It must be spring! Go ahead and analyze a little, the 20th. But don’t get over-intellectual on what is, after all, an affair of the heart. Pisces, be fair, and you will be lucky on the 25th and 26th of May 2018. Things are wonderful, wonderful and more wonderful on the 31st.

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Pisces Career May 2018 Horoscope

The May 2018 Horoscope for Pisces zodiac sign shows that you have a knack for getting along well with your superiors, and that knack is really going to work in your favor, the 1st. Be grateful that this comes so naturally for you. After all, it’s really a gift! Speaking of gifts, if someone does you a favor, it’s always a good idea to give them a token of appreciation. So you might want to head out and do a little lunch hour shopping, as the month begins. Potted plants are always nice, you know! By the super fabulous 4th and 5th, you couldn’t be more pleased with the results of your latest work effort. Wonderful!

Romance could distract you from your work, the 9th and 10th, and you couldn’t be more pleased with this. Have a wonderful time with this special person! Your creativity is flowing like crazy, the 16th and 17th, so give it all the space and attention and energy it needs. A little professional wariness would serve you well, the 23rd, 24th and 25th of May 2018. Not everybody is as fair and honest as you are, after all. Pisces, get ready for a whole lot of ‘wow’ on ‘the 31st’. all

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2018 May Health & Fitness Astrology Predictions For The Fishes

The Pisces 2018 May monthly predictions suggest that if you feel like you’ve been trying out a few too many new fitness ideas, the 1st is a great day to scale things back. Just do your regular walk or yoga class or swim, then take the rest of the day off! (Well, ok, you might have to go to work.) But don’t spend too much time worrying about what you aren’t doing. What’s key is what you are doing.

By the 5th, relax back into your routine, and feel free to add a little something here and there (bodywork? A dance class?). You start getting a sense of what is really working for you on the 10th. Go ahead and continue what seems to be working and discontinue anything that isn’t having much impact. Practice recognizing your boundaries on the 15th. It’s an important part of staying healthy. If you’re sleepy on the 20th, take a nap! Why not explore a few new rest and relaxation activities on the 25th? You almost can’t go wrong! Emotions affect your health, so look at them on the 30th. You’ve been doing really great on the 31st of May 2018. Pisces, breathe deep, jog hard and enjoy all the good energy you’ve been generating all month.

Overall, the Pisces May 2018 horoscope shows that

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