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Pisces Monkey Personality

The innate sensitivity of the Fishes combined with the clever Monkey’s penchant for fabrication can result in some of the most beautiful lies ever crafted by humans — in other words, novels.

The Monkey Pisces may wish to consider a career in literature. But don’t wait too long, as indecision is you abiding vice and you have a tendency to sit on the fence longer than it may be happy or healthy for you to do so.

Monkey PiscesThere is also the question of your personal integrity to consider, as some lies may give birth to a series of other lies, until inside of you there may be no truth left at all for a sincere and caring partner to sense and feel secure with.

It is important for you not to fall into the trap of actually believing your own personal propaganda. Beware the inability to discern fact from fiction!

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