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Pisces November 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our November 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Pisces Zodiac Sign!

Pisces November Horoscope 2016- Overview

You may get a little down on yourself in November 2016 and feelings of despair and inadequacy may dog you. However, you are very idealistic right now, and you may have been somewhat unrealistic, and so instead of feeling downhearted, you need a more down to earth appraisal of how things are going, after which you will see they are not so bad at all.

In November 2016 you are inclined to be very distracted and dreamy, it is not such a good month to deal with practical matters. It is, however, a wonderful month to deal with subjects that require imagination, inspiration and insight. You may also be driven to travel in order to volunteer or sacrifice your time for those who are in desperate need. You have a very strong desire to reach out to others.

You are extremely imaginative and creative right now, you can excel in any field where a flow of ideas or brainstorming is required. November is a superb time for artists, poets, photographers, designers or writers. Photographers or cinematographers can create images more powerful than words.

November 2016 is is also a wonderful time for those of you who teach – you can inspire enthusiasm and interest and put across complex issues. In whatever you do right now, you are bringing a massive amount of emotional intelligence to bear in how you handle people and situations. You have an uncanny insight, which can allow you to understand on a level few others can. You can reach people, either on a personal level or via your art form in a way that can transform or touch a life. Pisces live and feel on a higher spiritual level, and in November 2016 you can convey your deepest feelings in a way that is transformative for you and enlightening for others.

There may be a desire to take risks just for the thrill; try and avoid this avenue and express yourself via art, music or in a positive way socially.

Pisces November 2016 Love Horoscope

In November 2016, it is very important for Pisces women to examine how their attitude to and relationship with their father is affecting their love relationships. It is also an issue for gay men to consider. How did your father make you feel about your identity and your independence? If your father was very distant, are you attracting men who are also distant and vague? Was your father domineering, and are you now attracting men who are controlling and manipulative? It is a good time to re-examine how much of your relationship with your father influences how you behave with or experience your partner now. Issues in November 2016 with your father or a father figure will bring you some perspective on how your father either helped or hindered your emotional development, and how any scars from childhood negatively impact on your love life now.

November 2016 is a month where you will be confronted with patterns that you repeat unconsciously, especially in matters to do with men. Issues to do with co-dependency and your own insecurity come to the fore. You have the ability right now to break these patterns and establish new patterns where your inner security and self-esteem starts with you, and inside you is independent of anyone else and their behavior towards you. Don’t wait for a hero to save you, be your own hero and save yourself.

For men as well as women, analyze how much your father’s approval or lack of it affected you – think about the wounds you still have from the way he acted or omitted to act. It is time to heal those wounds with a positive self-love and self-forgiveness. Do not try and use your love life as a sticking plaster; work on healing the wounds and casting away the negative reflexes you have in your current relationships stemming from father-issues.

Pisces Career Horoscope November 2016

A desire to change the world and to see the bigger picture is inspiring Pisces right now. If you work in an office, in admin or in finance, you may not be able to change the world; however, your kindness and concern for those you work with and your ability to bring a positive vibe to the office can make a big difference to everyone. You may decide to get everyone at work involved in a sponsored drive to raise money for a cause you believe in, or you may use the platform you have via your work to raise awareness about an illness or disease.

Pisces are the ideas people in any work situation in November 2016 and can provide both the creative and emotional inspiration needed. Pisces are not great with details and can be rather lax over procedural issues; so perhaps delegate these out or get someone to check over your work for errors. A teacher or mentor may come into your life right now and take you under their wing, helping you to learn and progress in your career or helping you into a new career.

Health and healing are a massive theme in November, and November 2016 is an excellent month for any Pisces who is embarking on a career in the medical fields either alternate, traditional or pharmaceutical, and it is also a time when those already in these fields can make their mark and have a big impact on the life of their patients. Pisces looking for work or deciding what to study, should seriously consider the health and healing fields.

November 2016 is an excellent time to write or publish a book on diet, health, psychology, spirituality or mind power. November 2016 is also a very powerful one for Pisces involved in spiritual teaching, religion or giving guidance/assistance to groups, i.e. AA., victims of abuse, drug abuse support, etc.

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