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Pisces October 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our October 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Pisces Zodiac Sign!

Pisces October Horoscope 2016- Overview

You may have to defend and fight for your values in October 2016 – issues of principle are on the line, and you will not want to back down although you will have to make some compromises. Sharing with others can cause you some anxiety, and you will have to endure a degree of imposition on your territory in some way.

You can be rather sentimental in October 2016; you will cling to relics of the past that perhaps you should let go of, and yet you will resist changes, especially if they are forced on you. It can be a challenge to move forward and forsake things from the past: you may also have to accept that some of your ideas about how you want to live your life need to adapt. You need to loosen you grasp on anything that is holding you back from growth. Sometimes we sacrifice excitement and adventure in our lives for security, and this can lead us into a rut that can be rather cosy and welcoming if not passive and boring.

In October 2016 you are going to be challenged to sacrifice some of that safety and security in order to broaden your horizons – you need to allow yourself to be taken out of your mental, emotional and physical comfort levels so that your life can become more dynamic.

One problem of in October 2016 is over-thinking and over-analyzing people and situations – perhaps you are keen to extract explanation where there is none or meaning from what could just be random comments.

If purchasing or leasing property, make sure you are aware of any right of way or other rights pertaining to that property, which may affect how you can use it.

2016 Pisces October Love Horoscope

Clashing ideas about how to raise children and spend the joint finances can cause some disharmony, and you may have to give way and yield to what may be a more pragmatic approach by your partner. There is a strong urge to do it your way and reject input, but you can gain so much more by working with your partner, instead of pulling against him/her. in October 2016, teamwork in partnerships is very important, set your differences aside and concentrate on what you can achieve and the goal you are striving for as the goal is bigger than the trivial differences which divide you, although it can take a while to see that.

October 2016 is a very good month for sexual renewal and an improvement in your sexual relations. However, you must learn to switch off and give sex your full attention – intimacy is impossible if your mind is elsewhere and so worries and concerns about work, etc. must be left outside the bedroom so that your sex life can be the fulfilling bubble of escapism that it should be.

October 2016 is a month when Pisces in new relationships may move in together, and there may be conflict regarding the new living arrangements in keeping with in October 2016’s general theme of issues to do with property ownership and rights over property.

Pisces Career Horoscope October 2016

Communication within your work is a major part of in October 2016, and you will spend much time writing, re-writing and making calls. You may have to make a speech or prepare extensively for a presentation or sales pitch. On a deeper level in October 2016, you may be inspired to give a voice to someone who does not have one: this can mean giving a voice to a child who is abused, telling the story of someone who has passed on, or getting justice for a vulnerable group whom society has neglected. You have the power this October to bring the world’s attention to something you care about, to something that has meaning to you. You can do this for your business or to promote a wider concern of yours.

For Pisceans who work in social work, psychology or even law enforcement, it is a challenge for you to put what you intuitively understand into words that can be documented.

Be careful when you make use of material that is subject to intellectual property rights, and ensure anything you publish is properly copyrighted. Jointly-owned rights or jointly-owned property can be the source of dispute in October 2016 and during the next few months, so make sure you are well aware of your own rights and the law.

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