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Pisces Ox Personality

Calm and decorum reign in the respectable life of the Ox Pisces. You will have a taste for material goods, and on a grand scale. A perennial homebody thanks to the input of the Fishes, you have a tendency to over-decorate your elaborate nest — all in the interest of good taste, of course.

You counterbalance your urge to be larger than life with a quiet ambition and productive Ox-inspired work ethic. You would prefer to mate for life, preferably with one who will both inspire and return a mutual shared respect.

ox piscesSolitude is avoided by you, as befits a natural clan leader, but so are overlarge crowds. Thoroughly private in both outlook and effectiveness, you have a way of getting things done that involves not doing anything and letting the game play out to its foregone conclusion.

Due to your uncanny interpersonal radar, you’re so calculating a game-player (and game-winner) that you can often predict an outcome ahead of time, to the bafflement of your opponents.

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