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The Pisces Parent

If your parent is Pisces, they are very nice and soft-spoken. They have a gentle way of handing you, which means you can take advantage of them. Try not to! They are very sensitive! They don’t want to have to yell at you or punish you. It’s hard for them to be the tough guy. One thing that bugs your Pisces parent is noise. They don’t mind music, but loud voices, constant televisions and video games can make them lose their temper or get stressed. Your parent is also quite fearful and worries about you a lot. You might think they don’t trust you. But they imagine all sorts of stuff happening to you. Give them time to let you grow up bit by bit.

The Pisces Child

You are kind and sensitive to other people’s feelings. You understand when people are sad, and know just what they need to feel happy again. Remember, you don’t have to say “yes” to everyone just so they’ll like you. Being strong in your own ideas will help you feel good about yourself, and doesn’t make you mean! You love music and dance. Try to learn to play an instrument or take dance classes. You’re also good at all sorts of art, so explore your talents. You love animals and probably have pets or wish you did. You like to be around water, too. That could be the ocean, a lake, a swimming pool, or even the bathtub! Read more about Pisces Child

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