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The Pisces Phase Of Seven Year Cycle

Pisces is the 12th phase of the seven year cycle and it’s archetype is The Fish. The Fish symbolize living in a ‘fluid’ and ustable environment, ‘flowing with the flow’ and the need for faith in a constantly changing landscape.

In The Pisces Phase you may be confronted with a set of circumstances that undermine and disillusion your sense of yourself. You may be buffeted about as the old circumstances or arrangements of your life begin to die out and new ones take their place. The process is one of dissolution and transcendence. Dissolution of old ways of being /doing/ acting / perceiving, and the seed process of different ways. There is both a looking back at the past in the sense of wishing it had been different, and of looking to the future with a hope or faith in ‘the process’ or God or whatever.

PiscesYou may experience yourself as riding a wave and not knowing it’s destination, knowing that the old ways won’t cut it, yet not knowing what will. These experiences may arise in both work and relationship situations, as with all the phases. The process of Pisces is a dissolution process for the beginning of a new cycle beginning with The Aries Phase. It is also a seed process, a process of germinating a seed of new selfhood or being that will germinate in Aries. Thus in the Pisces Phase, regardless of the apparent nebulousness or strangeness of the situation you may find yourself in, there is a definite sense of a new you that it is necessary to assert in the face of demands being made upon you.

This phase is a struggle with flowing along with a stream of circumstance, ungrounded, unsure of the appropriate response to make yet feeling that you must assert yourself in the face of demands from others. It may also be a time of disorientation and confusion within an environment or set of circumstances that are new and confusing.

This phase is exploratory after the reorientation of the preceding Aquarian phase. In the Aquarius phase you reoriented yourself toward incarnating a circumstance in which you could more uniquely express who you are and now you find yourself in a process of riding a wave of circumstance in a situation that is unfamiliar, somewhat overwhelming, and that demands a level of faith on your part that the choices you made will ‘work themselves out’.

It is like you are in this disorienting or overwhelming current and you do not have a clear sense of being in control, in fact it’s often like being out of control and you have to depend on faith that the circumstance will become more clarified and yet it is clear that the experiences of this phase are the obvious consequences of the break that occurred during the Aquarius Phase. You are being called to express yourself in a way that may feel quite self transcending to you since you are being called to express yourself in ways and in circumstances with which you are unfamiliar. Your struggle is to maintain a faith in the midst of this confusing, often bewildering time.

This phase can also be seen as the need for serving ones ideal, for merging with one’s ideal, for operating on faith. The essence is sacrifice of self to serve a ‘greater cause’. This phase serves ones own ideals through self sacrifice to social service and self expression in the social realm. This phase can be felt as a kind of emotional-perceptual overwhelm. The phase demands going beyond yourself for an as yet unseen ideal. Pisces represents sacrificial social participation, giving oneself over to a cause, sacrifice of self to an ideal, merging with an ideal, transparent and self- transcending service.

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