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Pisces Pig (Boar) Personality

Dinner party, anyone? The Pig Pisces is the consummate arranger, and you will never lack for guests at one of your legendary soirees. You’re not much for attending other people’s parties, though — you like to be in control, and have raised the entire process to a well-themed art form.

Your dwelling place is both an abiding sense of strength for the Fishes within you and an anchor keeping you from experiencing new things.

Pig PiscesYou are totally family-oriented (like all Pigs), and if you don’t have a flock of little ones tugging at your leg yet, you soon will — and you’ll spoil the precious little angels rotten, if you have your way about it.

Make absolutely certain that you’ve found the right partner for your serial acts of propagation, for the disruption of your life’s nucleus can lead to terrifying bouts of despair which, while you might be equipped to handle them, won’t exactly be a walk in the park for you.

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