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Pisces psychological profile

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is involved in completing a cycle of experience. In Christianity, this is the period of Lent which represents Christ’s passion and crucifixion before the resurrection. In Pisces the entire range of human experience has been seen and felt, and the Piscean cannot help but experience compassion for this reason: she is an old soul. At the same time, Pisces yearns for transcendence and sometimes seems caught in the net of earthly existence. She is the drop of water which yearns to return to the cosmic ocean.

A water sign, ruled by the undersea god Neptune, Pisces understands how and why all things eventually dissolve. Pisces is not primarily a physical or mental presence, but an emotional one, moved by universal compassion. While not all Pisces are enlightened, the fine sieve through which they gather impressions picks up the most subtle distinctions of human feeling. They are sensitive to social and emotional undercurrents others are not aware of. They may in fact become paranoid or confused, if the impressions they pick up are difficult to interpret. Pisces needs frequent reality checks in order to orient herself in the everyday world.

Pisces needs to retreat frequently in order to purify herself of the impressions she absorbs unconsciously. She is capable of allowing herself to be polluted by others’ negativity. Pisces must guard against idealizing those whom she wishes to help, for Pisces is capable of sacrificing herself for another. Like the Christ figure, she can be so unattached to her own ego that she may attempt to take on and heal another’s pain. For some, the spiritual path of self-sacrifice is genuine.

Though it isn’t always easy, Pisces finds a role in the workaday world, and is often happiest putting her old soul experience to use as a teacher, counselor, physician, or artist. Pisces has an intuitive grip on the symbols and archetypes which populate dreams and poems. She is an avid film fan, and relishes the escape of an afternoon matinee. Pisces may have difficulty staying organized or focused, as her mind is more oriented toward the whole than the details. She must guard against addictions, or victim-saviour relationships. Pisces can thrive on dry land as long as she fosters self-knowledge, remembers to retreat and purify, and cultivates earthy friends with whom she can clarify his manifold intuitions and impressions.

Sometimes-paradoxical questions which will be important to Pisces’ long-term development are:

  • “How can I remain grounded in everyday life so that I’m not swept away by a current of daydreams and impressions?”
  • “How can I develop a relationship with reality which makes use of my poetic nature?”
  • “How can I best satisfy the part of me which yearn to help others?”

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