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Pisces Rat Personality

The Rat Pisces is half of the whole picture. As a member of this sign, you prefer to function as one of a two-person team. In the best case scenario the other person is the permanent love interest (marriage is very much in favor with you nesting homebodies).

In every other case the second person will be found outside of the love relationship — perhaps taking the identity of a co-worker, mentor, or friend.

Rat PiscesWhether conflicts arise between the outside partnership and the inside partnership depend heavily upon your Piscean ability to use your superior powers of perception to defuse situations before they start.

Often jealous — a nod of thanks to your Rat heritage, here — of the success of other, more venturesome personalities, you’re an apparently incurable curmudgeon who hides a soft sweet side that only those closest to you are permitted to share.

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