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Pisces Rooster Personality

The Rooster Pisces has a curiously unimaginative flair for the truly romantic, sprung from the Fishes and compounded of what you’ve read in books: long walks on the beach, dozens of roses, candle-lit midnight dinners, etc., etc.

It has landed you your share of conquests, to be sure, but try a little variation along with the tenderness and see where it leads you. If there were anything about you that could do with a little adjusting, it would be your tendency to trumpet your own praises across the land (like any good Rooster).

Humility is endless — better get cracking. Steady employment isn’t important to you, and for this reason you can get along just fine at nearly any job out there.

You are a jack-of-all-trades, and you’ve also managed to master one or two of the along the way. If worst comes to worst, you may wish to consider working for an escort service, as you’ve got looks that could easily qualify.

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