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Pisces Snake Personality

Your soft and often sensuous Snake personality demands kid glove treatment from any who might wish to get next to you. The Snake Pisces impresses easily, which is why strong, brash lovers may maul you unintentionally unless they take steps to handle you with care, as any rare work of art deserves.

Try not to become disillusioned when the elaborate fantasy life that you have constructed for yourself comes into contact with a sobering and unaesthetic reality, as it is bound to do from time to time.

Snake PiscesYour true strength lies in your Piscean ability to navigate the line between the dreaming and the waking worlds.

The intuitional skills that make you an excellent operative in this gray zone of the human endeavor also serve you well at any of the various spiritual pastimes that you are habitually engaged in. Beware — do not call up any that you cannot put down again!

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