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Pisces Spiritual Meaning

Pisces Spiritual Meaning

Your Pisces Spirit is spiritual, ethereal, compassionate and empathic. Your energy is intuitive, emotional, compelling and fluid.

Pisces, being true to yourself means learning your own self worth and seeing the viability of your inner resources.

Your purpose is to take us into new horizons that exist within ourselves and represent the universal principals, to teach us to dream and to nourish a subconscious and intuitive power within our beings.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…see the beauty and truth of your own dreams. Swim in your own current. Seek your answers within and only within. Support others by supporting yourself and your ideals. Helps others see the beauty that lies right before them and within them.

Create a poem of love and write it down. Believe in the impossible but accept what is possible. Nurture your intuition but simply listen to it…don’t live in it. Honor the strength of your mind.

Make a solid decision using instincts and logic and then go for it without looking back. To find the beauty you feel possible….look inside your own being….that is its only home.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

Adversity rocks you, Pisces, in ways it doesn’t affect any other sign. it makes you question your own judgments and ideals since you are primarily an empathic and emotional being it is difficult for you to feel the true strength of your decisions, thoughts and actions.

Allow rough life periods to access your amazing spiritual powers of restoration and truth. Rather than allow issues to sweep you along sink within yourself and discover their roots.

Use events to test out and observe your powers of judgment, decisiveness and foresight. Use their literal actions to find faith in them rather than your perceptions of how wrong they might be.

Learn to believe in YOUR dream..and no one else’s. Every answer to every question you have ever asked has always been inside….go there when you need an answer..and believe in what you find.

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