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Pisces-a Bridge Between Worlds

Pisces symbol-a Bridge Between Worlds

Most people are familiar with the idea of the Sun’s monthly shift from one sign of the zodiac to the next. For instance, in its yearly cycle, the sun is in the sign of Pisces from about February 19 to March 20th. Recently the concept of the greater zodiacal cycle has penetrate the public imagination, and people have begun to speak of the new age of Aquarius.

It is true that we have begun to enter the age of Aquarius, an astronomical and astrological cycle of about 2,100 years. During this coming age the things symbolized by Aquarius will become an integral part of human consciousness, and will serve to advance the human condition.

The 2,100 year cycle just completed was governed by the sign of Pisces, a cycle that began to impress humanity at about the time of the Christ, and one that has continued to the present day. During this greater Piscean cycle, the things symbolized by Pisces have become a powerful conditioning factor in human life. Among the most meaningful of these is a development of the sense that each of us is endowed with soul as well as personality, and that there is a path or way of spiritual life.

It is well known that a fish was a symbol with which Jesus and his followers were associated, and in one biblical account we have the words “Come with me, and I will make you fishers of men.” In the West, our concept of the soul, and of our relation to others has been molded in large measure by the Christian tradition. And this tradition in turn, has been qualified by the predominant influence of the sign of Pisces. This makes attention to the symbols of Pisces of special importance, because it casts light on some of our individual and collective qualities.

The symbol of Pisces

The symbol of Pisces is two fish, bound together by a cord–one fish is the symbol of personality, the other of the soul. The cord represents the medium of connection between them. More specifically, pisces symbolizes personality (intellect, emotions, body) as the vehicle through which soul (Love and Wisdom) can express. The cord represents the flow of energy and consciousness into the mind, heart, and body of the receptive personality. In Pisces, then, we have symbols of soul and personality linked by a bridge or medium of communication.

Pisces is also a symbol of the bridge between people. It symbolizes the emotional link that binds us together. For most people, the energy of Pisces manifests as a general psychic receptivity. It is the predisposition to receive, and pass through one’s self, the emotional qualities of others. The qualities absorbed and channeled may be good, bad, or indifferent. Thus the Pisces type may be inspired by love, disturbed by anger, or weighted down by apathy. It partakes of such experiences as a communal property. This type lives in and through others, being subject to a wonderful and sometimes painful sensitivity to the aura of friends and associates.

Pisces is also a symbol of psychic sensitivity in the parapsychological spiritualistic sense. It is the symbol of the trance medium. It is the type that is capable of becoming an open channel for communication from a psychic realm. The psychic communication is usually, though not always, conceived of as coming from a discarnate soul or spirit. However, the words “soul” and “spirit” are misleading since mediumistic communication typically comes from the psychic world and not from the spiritual. The psychic realm is the world of thought and emotion that exists between the spiritual and material universe.

In understanding Pisces, it is helpful to have this image of the three worlds:

  • The spiritual world, the world of the soul.
  • The psychic world, the world of thought, feeling.
  • The physical world.

People often speak of these three worlds, but of course we are really speaking of one world, with three interpenetrating dimensions. Spiritually, psychically, and interpersonally, the sign of Pisces represents the ability (or on a lower level, the weakness) of speaking with another’s voice. It is the predisposition to be taken over by another, or the ability to be taken up into a higher realm.

Pisces is, therefore, a bridge between worlds. On superficial or objective level, it is the bridge between the physical and the psychic worlds, but in a deeper sense, it is the bridge between the spiritual and material worlds. In abstract terms, the symbol of Pisces represents any entity as the medium through which another entity expresses.

In Pisces, therefore, we have three types of channeling or bridging:

  • the personality channeling the energy of the soul.
  • the medium channeling a psychic communication.
  • the personality channeling emotions of others.

Pisces is a bridge:

  • from the spiritual to the external world.
  • from the psychic to the external world
  • between persons from heart to heart.

This third Piscean bridge is what might be called interpersonal mediumship. It is the piscean virtue of sensitive participation and sympathy, but it is also a cross for the Piscean to bear, because the emotional condition of humanity contains so much that is negative.

The qualities that make Pisces a sensitive receiver are love and devotion combined with fluid and movable psychology. The love of the Pisces type is imbued with a sense of the sacred and a deep reverence for the object of love. Pisces can love the image of Christ or Buddha, or find its worship in a friend, in family, or in patriotism. Or it may find its God of reverence, as did Einstein, in the wonders and mysteries of the natural world. Or it may find its ideal, as did Bach, in a dedicated and spiritualized passion for composition.

Certainly all true followers of Christ and Buddha find expansion of the heart by opening themselves to the love of lofty ideals. Bach reminds us that, in communion with higher worlds, the feelings vibrate like the sensitive strings of a musical instrument. Einstein reminds us that, in communion with higher worlds, the mysteries of time and space may be sought. And for mothers and lovers and worshiper’s of nature, love is a wondrous triangle with spirit at the apex.

In all such cases, the higher Piscean quality flows into human consciousness. On a personal level, the problem of Pisces is to distinguish those objects which are worthy of love and reverence. For in this world of countless illusions, it is easy to lean upon phantoms. It is easy to respond with blind dedication to false prophets and religious facsimiles. It easy to become possessed by personal and limited ideals, and fall victim to the persuasive influence of minor leaders. Being receptive, the Pisces type may absorb indiscriminately, and swallow whole the cultural matrix provided by accident of birth and personal karma. Being receptive in a chaotic world, the unwary Pisces type can find itself shipwrecked in a sea of arbitrary notions.

How best to avoid these pitfalls and to find salvation from the turmoil of the world? For all of us generally, and for the Pisces types especially, here are a few key ways:

  • to reject many opinions and lesser gods.
  • to avoid egocentric concern with one’s own salvation.
  • to avoid blind devotion to persons and things.
  • to absorb the pure command of one’s own soul.
  • to combine love with wisdom.

Such thoughts are among the best insights suggested by the symbolism of Pisces.

Meditation for those seeking to understand the problems and potentials of the Pisces sign

There is legend that forms an excellent meditation for those of us seeking to understand the problems and potentials of this sign. I paraphrase it as follows:

Once there was a place called the land of woe and another called the land of bliss. Between them flowed a river, swift, wide and dangerous. Many had lost their lives trying to cross to the happy land. One day there came a man who loved the people, and vowed that he would cross the river.

His plan was to stretch a rope across so that others might escape from the land of woe. He tied one end of the rope to a tree, and leaped into the raging current. But a group of hunters seeing the event, thought he was a struggling animal and shot him. Yet, before his death, the hero managed to fasten the rope to a tree on the far side of the river.

The people marveled at this deed and began to worship him. But almost no one tried to cross the river themselves, and in the time, the rope was completely forgotten. Many came and preached that the hero had died to save others, and that only by believing in and praising him, could they cross to the land of bliss when they died.

The spirit of the hero heard the prayers and said: “My brothers, you are mistaken, for though I lived to save you, my death was incidental, and cannot be your salvation. Alas, that you have forgotten the rope, for the rope is your salvation. I am near to encourage and inspire, but I cannot carry you across, no matter how much you pray.” But the prayers and praise of the people, were too loud for the hero to be heard.

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