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Pisces Tattoo Designs Ideas

Pisces Tattoo Designs Ideas

The Zodiac ends in Pisces, a mutable water sign represented by two fish, swimming in opposite directions. Those born under this sign are sensitive, intuitive, creative and loving. They are romantic lovers and often give others the love they have always dreamed of.

Pisces Tattoos Imaginative Ink Designs for Pisces Tattoos

Pisceans are known for being ingenious, caring, optimistic and hopeful; characteristics that assist them to have an affirmative relationship with the society. Though, Pisceans can be viewed in a variety of positive attributes, the Pisces image contrary shows a constant life battle within one’s self brought about by the opposing sentiments of the two fishes.

If you can integrate your life experiences with the imagery of Pisces or you are a natural born Piscean, Pisces tattoos can grant you with a remarkable ink design that can push yourself to prevail over the personal scuffles you would like to eliminate in your life.

Pisces tattoos are versatile ink choices that can be utilized in an assortment of forms.

The flexibility of the Pisces tattoos makes it appropriate to be transformed in more interesting body art designs such as having it as a tattoo that can endow nobility for someone who touched your life that has departed.

Another magnificent imagery for your Pisces tattoo is the glyph for Pisces that bears resemblance to the capital letter “H” printed in an overstated form, wherein the center point of the two upright lines are pulled inwards that makes the top and bottom lines extend themselves outwards.

Imagine the power of Pisces Tattoos: If you have unresolved issues or concerns at the moment and you like a tattoo that can stand for your willingness to get to the bottom of your problem to eradicate them, a Pisces tattoo can be your steady reminder that you should accomplish whatever your goals are.

Although, Pisces tattoos most of the time represents unfulfilled dreams and desires, you must not limit yourself to the usual dark colors associated to it. To design your Pisces Tattoos, You can incorporate bright and vivid shades in your pisces tattoo design as long as it relevantly suits your pisces tattoo.

More Pisces Tattoos

Romance and relationships are some of the first thing that would pop into someone’s head when they think of a Pisces. Love quotes, Cupid, the date of their anniversary are all things that a Pisces would care for.

Those born under this sign seem like the warmest people but can become too sensitive and are prone to living in a fantasy world to escape the pains of reality when things don’t go as nicely as they had hoped for. They fall in love easily, and are often hurt because they have unrealistic fantasy like expectations of others.

A tattoo that can give strength during the many times in a Pisces life when they are down can inspire them, such as the words “Stay Strong” tatted on their ribs as an ultimate reminder to not get lost in sea of misery. Or tatting the words “Life is Beautiful” can serve as a reminder that there is true beauty in daily life, not just in fantasy. There is no need to escape if you find true beauty and happiness in daily life.

Their symbol as mentioned is two fish, generally said to be swimming in different directions is representative of the fact that like all other mutable signs, the Pisces is prone to being the opposite of themselves, meaning certain aspects of their life are quite contrary to others. The two fish can be tatted either side by side, or one on either side of a body part, for instance one on each arm. Be creative when choosing which type of fish you select, as this can allow you to personalize your tattoo. Options include everything from goldfish to sharks.

If fish are not something you would want on your body, dolphins or other sea creatures can work beautifully in their place.

Water lilies are the flower associated with this sign, and are a simple and sweet representation of the gentle side Pisceans are known for. One water Lillie can be tatted on each ankle.

A heart shaped yin yang symbol is the perfect tattoo for a Pisces. Not only does the heart shape represent the loving and sensitive nature of a Pisces, the yin yang shows that even in their loving heart they have two sides; both good and bad, high and low, yin and yang.

Since Pisces are so prone to daydreaming and living in their heads, they love art and music which they use as escapes for reality. A musical note inked on the ring finger, the finger which connects to the heart, is a simple way to express their love and need for playing music all day.

A fitting tattoo to encompass what a Pisces is all about would have to be both creative and thoughtful.

Zodiac tattoos provide a great platform for people to showcase not just their creativity but also their capability to realize the good attributes they have. Moreover, the satisfaction and self-confidence the body art can offer to its wearer is beyond measure.

Getting your own zodiac Pisces tattoo is an experience you can never forget, especially if the reasons and motivations you have behind the body art signify your real personality.

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