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The Pisces Woman

First of all, it is necessary to understand that Pisces women are not fragile or weak at all, as books too often seem to describe them instead. Pisces is the last sign and, therefore, they avail themselves of the experience of completeness, at least at a deep level.

There are some characteristics that must be understood in their entirety: the Pisces Woman is certainly extremely sensitive, carries something universal inside her that tries hard to detach her from the ordinary and daily dimension, and this woman will take that in her “motherhood” which will express itself powerfully in an osmotic communication of a sense of the infinite and fantastic.

This woman can be very nourishing, but not on a physical and material level: she nourishes the other people and her children with something that is more “psychic”, which, as the latter grow up, will turn into a kind of inner inspiration that invites them not to lose heart when facing anything human, and into a creative dimension that will have to be channelled, because, otherwise, risks clashing with daily life and with everything that is practical and ordinary, and making it impossible for them to get in touch with their own entirety.

Pisces has something Dionysian inside that only needs to be integrated through a “spiritual” dimension, otherwise it will manifest itself in the form of shadow, fragmentation and chaos. Actually, Dionysus always maintains a great relationship with this sign and, especially in women, it manages to imprint life in its most archaic dimensions, which can be expressed through aspects that seem to get through strange forms of possession which – as Hillman underlines – show that the soul too feels true passion.

Actually, a Pisces woman often feeds inwardly on this intense passion, which at times leads her to neglect her biggest needs to meet other people’s ones; we must take the planet Neptune into account to really understand why Pisces are closely connected with “sacrifice”, which cannot be material and must therefore express itself on an ideal and spiritual level.

The sacrificial figure immerses itself in a destiny of expiation and suffering, but behind it there has to be this “great ideal” … which must be her only inspiration and cannot have its compensation in reality, because otherwise, Dionysus presents himself in his dark side and breaks in to satisfy a thirst for power that is dark because it is denied at a conscious level.

If this part is not acknowledged by the woman, the element that can emerge from deep streams can appear in the form of “disintegration” against whose power our fragile personal values and our little conscience cannot do anything, because it is about the pain of the soul that is suffering because it feels it cannot free itself from what is collective, and is therefore inevitably destined to live in a situation of loneliness and inward annihilation that will make her lose contact with her vital source of inspiration, with spirituality and the sense of unity.

The Pisces women that accepts this dimension finds her “spiritual father” inside and learns a sense of “compassion and forgiveness”, because these two characteristics are typical of Pisces, Neptune and the bright side of Dionysus which lets life be received in its total expression, also made of disappointments, bitterness and human insecurity, achieving that human consideration of the world that lets us live in a tolerant way.

The positive dimension of Dionysus has to do with true personal freedom, which we gain when we manage to abandon our internal judge and to lead ourselves towards the directions that are closest to us and our nature.

Pisces tells us that we can “serve” people with love and compassion only when we are sure that we are following our own path and that we are on the path we have chosen, otherwise we sacrifice individual life and the collective will end up sweeping away what is inside, disconnecting us from our soul.

The Pisces woman is very close to these dimensions, but in order to achieve them she must create an internal space for herself protected by limits that can defend her when she needs to withdraw to regain her balance and her sense of participation; sensitivity, soulfulness and receptiveness are the instruments that enable her to face and sort out the main problems of life.

The Pisces woman does not generally seem so pragmatic, seems almost unable to act in the world of “doing”, yet she is incredibly open and understanding towards people and she knows how to get out of human situations and that is what she has to offer to the world: a kind of Ariadne’s thread which is nothing but the possibility of knowing and facing life in its completeness.

As a mother, the Pisces woman must know these sides, must have led them to a conscious level in order to avoid conveying anxiety, fear, chaos as well as fragility and porosity that would destroy her creatures, who would be exposed to the contamination of her possession of the soul and would not have that support that derives from a conscious understanding of her deepest and most intimate aspects.

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