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Using the Planetary Cycles to Time Business Activities

The universe tells us when we should take a time-out and when we should take action.

Void of course Moon

One clear sign that we should not take action is during a void of course moon. This is when the moon has made its last major aspect to the other planets until it moves into the next sign. In this phase, the moon’s energy is spent, and it is a time for renewal and growth. On a personal level, a void of course moon is a time for meditation, introspection, and getting centered. On a business level, it is a time for catching up with paperwork, filing, writing status reports, reviewing ideas, and reading, as well as gathering information and brainstorming.

business decisionIf a decision is made during a void of course moon, either nothing will come of it or you will encounter unexpected problems that can prevent you from completing projects that you already have started. You may find yourself having to deal with false starts, difficulties, and mistakes. Often, you may have to remake a decision which will cost you valuable time and resources.

Essentially, during a void of course moon, the universe is asking you to slow down and to take stock of where you are and what you are doing. If you do this, you are better able to move ahead when the universe indicates that it is time.

The universe also tells us when it is time to take action.


This is the time we need to listen to Mars. Mars is a crucially important planet in business cycles. When the motion of Mars is forward or direct and it has beneficial aspects to other planets, we experience the urge to make progress, and our efforts are generally met with success. However, when Mars has challenging aspects, we can either get a surge of energy which helps us meet the challenges which arise, or we can become angry at being met with resistance. Yet, because Mars moves relatively rapidly, it manages to rally quickly and to then move back into beneficial aspects with other planets.

When Mars goes retrograde, however, business encounters its greatest difficulties. During retrograde, which is a time when Mars appears to be moving backward, companies run into serious problems or business activities slow down. The purpose of this retrograde period, which occurs every two years for nine to ten weeks, is similar to the void of moon period in that the universe is telling us to reconsider our motivations and our actions.

If businesses choose to ignore the meaning of Mars in retrograde, a number of problems are likely to occur. These could include a service or product that is not ready for the market or market that is not ready for the service or product; a promotion that does not create sufficient desire for the service or product; or quality or mechanical issues with the service or product which result in unsatisfied customers. Related to this, stock prices can go down.


Mercury is another important planet for business. It is associated with communications, computers, travel, and forms of transportation. Similar to Mars, when it is moving forward and making beneficial aspects to other planets, business does well. Fortunately, when Mercury has challenging aspects, these are generally resolved quickly and it returns to making beneficial aspects with other planets.

When Mercury slows down, seems to stop, and then goes retrograde, we should follow suit. Mercury is associated with analysis and communications, so when it goes retrograde, it is a time to rethink, reconsider, replan, and recommunicate. However, if businesses choose to ignore Mercury’s message, they are likely to experience miscommunications, transportation delays and accidents, and the breakdown and computers and other electronic equipment.

Venus and Saturn

Venus and Saturn are associated with negotiations and contracts, and financial and legal issues. Venus, in particular, represents the company’s contract negotiations, the ability to create business alliances, and assets and credit, as well as how well services and products are received by customers. As with Mars and Mercury, as long as Venus and Saturn are moving forward and making beneficial aspects to other planets, business activities go well. When challenging aspects arise with either of these planets, difficulties occur. While Venus moves back into beneficial aspects with other planets relatively quickly, Saturn can take much longer. As with Mars and Mercury, when Venus is in retrograde, it is an unfavorable time for business activities, specifically starting a new company or signing legal and purchasing contracts.

Clearly, we can stack the odds in favor of business success if we pay attention to the moon in its void of course phase, as well as to Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. They should all serve as our business advisors!

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