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Interpreting Planets in the Houses of the Birth Chart

The planets are considered to represent basic urges, whereas the signs represent the way those urges manifest in a person’s life. The house is the area of life in which the manifestation takes place (usually). Another way of looking at it is that the planets are the people, the signs the costumes they wear, and the houses the stages on which they act out their parts.

For example, the first house represents how we appear to others and how we think of ourselves. It is our outer persona. Therefore, the Sun in the first house will indicate a person who is showy, warm and “larger than life”. It will produce a masculine (yang) type of aura. Whereas the Moon in the first house will indicate a person who is intuitive and shy, with a feminine (Yin) type of aura. Of course, all this must be balanced with the other elements in the birth chart.

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