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Where Are the Planets Now?

planets now

Here is an overview of where each planet is by sign and its influence while there.

This information applies to all signs.

sunSun is in Scorpio 10/23 – 11/22

Key energies during this time:

Scorpio rules the three great life cycles of birth, death and rebirth. When the Scorpio energies are strong, it signals a time to allow what is ready to die and leave our life go, then let the great cycles of life turn, bringing us organically and naturally into the process of transformation and renewal.

Trusting that this regenerative process is occurring deep within is one of the keys to assessing the higher frequencies of this most alchemical of signs.


mercuryMercury is in Scorpio 11/8 – 11/28

Key energies & qualities to focus while Mercury is in Scorpio:

This is an intense placement for Mercury as the mind is drawn to mystery, intrigue and what is unknown. You may find a desire, even passion, for investigating what has eluded you before.

Qualities to focus on:

*Depth and honesty that is not superficial at all but only concerned about keep knowing. *Fearlessness of the mind. *Intentionally focusing targeting those areas that are ready to shift but still require a last push. ?”Lesson I’m learning… Start somewhere. Just pick one thing. Focus on it. Get it done.”

What to watch out for while Mercury is in Scorpio

While Mercury is in Scorpio it is not uncommon to have fears or anxiety arise, sometimes from nowhere or without reasonable or known cause. It’s as though a deep nerve has been touched but not identified. The best way to deal with this is to keep asking the hard questions, as the mind is better equipped now than perhaps other times to seek until the answers are found. Also, this is time to avoid obsessive striving or seeking in any form as it is easier now than usual to just take things too far!

Questions to ask while Mercury is in Scorpio:

  • What is it that I really need to see in order to transform some area of my life?
  • What am I afraid of that by not facing is holding me back?
  • Where do I need to look in order to find the answers?
  • Why do things feel so out of balance when I really want balance?

Other things to consider during this time:

While Mercury is in Scorpio the mind is drawn to question and delve below the surface and investigate the reasons, motive and events of your life through a piercing lens. You will find you are not satisfied with superficial answers and conversations, but rather seek to know the deeper influences and mysteries that lay hidden or unseen. This process can offer you a better understanding of why things occur in your life the way they do. If this influence is held in this way, it can be a most revelatory experience, offering enlightenment and insights can now occur where darkness was before.


venusVenus is in Scorpio 10/23 – 11/16

Keywords and energies for Venus (which represents our caring and loving natures) in Scorpio:

This is the most intense placement for Venus of all the 12 signs (it goes through all of them in year or so). So expect that your feelings will have an added passion and intensity to them now. Remember that others are being influenced by these energies during this time, so you may see these energies displayed in them as well:

  • What tempts, fascinates and allures you.
  • What you deeply care about. Your deepest loving nature.
  • This placement of Venus is very passionate and sensual.
  • Venus in Scorpio adds an interesting, fiery energy to relationships.

What to watch out for (lower expressions of Venus in Scorpio):

  • Obsessive inclinations and behavior are strong now, which can lead to inappropriate interactions with others (including sexual).
  • Can you love without being possessive? If it is an issue in your life, can arise during this time.
  • Being manipulative or jealous, or being manipulated by another. Beware of hidden or secretive agendas.
  • Not seeing the truth about a situation involving a relationship because of being blinded by your fantasies.
  • Fear of loosing what you have.

Ways to enhance the energies of Venus in Scorpio {focusing on these will bring in the higher frequencies available now}:

  • This placement can add a spark to your love life- physical or emotional.
  • It can show you ways to deepen you capacity to love deeply, sincerely and with great passion. This can certainly be in relationship, but it can also be for other things as well, such as a cause or a calling.
  • Use this energy to feel what inside of you is seeking your fiery attention! This placement of Venus can lead you right to it!

Questions to ask while Venus is in Scorpio {remember that these will prompt an inner process}:

  • What are my true motives? {It is easy for ulterior motives to be the reason you are doing something, tho you may try to tell yourself otherwise.}
  • What do I really care about? {If you have been feeling uncertain about just what your passion is, this placement can help you discover what it is you really do love and care about.}
  • Do I have hidden agendas? {Look beneath the obvious for the answer to this one…you might be surprised}

Other things to consider during this time:

Venus here is reminding you to notconfuse what you are attracted to with what you truly love–they are not necessarily the same. Ask that the power {Entity} of Love transform you in positive ways during Venus stay in Scorpio.


marsMars is in Capricorn: 10/26 to 12/04

“Use what you have to overcome the challenges that life brings you.”

What might you notice while Mars is in Capricorn?

This placement of Mars is very industrious and “business-like”, making this an ideal influence for focusing on activities that increase your productivity, sense of purpose and on what will produce the results you are wanting.

  • You will find you are better able to finish those projects that require perseverance, increased stamina and determination.
  • You will likely feel more motivated to do those things that bring you a greater sense of security.
  • You may feel stronger and more confident in moving forward in your life in some way.

What to be aware of or watch for while Mars is in Capricorn [the lower frequencies]:

  • Being dogmatic and inflexible. Not listening to or considering others viewpoints.
  • Doing the same thing but expecting a different result.
  • This is a highly competitive placement for Mars, so avoid going overboard in this way during this time.
  • Not honoring or really paying attention to the “rules”.
  • Not tending to what you know you must.
  • Not honoring your commitments and responsibilities.

Some ways to bring forth the higher frequencies of Mars in Capricorn:

Mars here is geared towards accomplishment. And so is a perfect time to help you create goals, plans and agendas for the New Year.

Spend time now in reviewing what it is you want to manifest in the next year. Then come up with a plan and timetable for implementation, roll up your sleeves and get a jump on your goals for 2015.

Being deliberate and considering your actions and new commitments carefully.

4) Questions to consider while Mars is in Capricorn:

  • What can I do that will increase my productivity?
  • How can I best use my time?
  • What areas of my life need organizing and planning, especially as it relates to the New Year?
  • Am I considering carefully what I am committing or obligating to?


jupiterJupiter is in Leo 7/16/14 – 8/11/15

Read more on the energy and influence of Jupiter in Leo here : Jupiter in Leo

Questions to consider at any time during the year that Jupiter is in Leo:

In what areas of my life do I need an influx of positive energy?

Is it possible I already know how to do this but just need to get going and make it happen?

What are they? (Suggest making an actual list for how you can create more positive energy in your life, as you most likely know several!)

What opportunities or areas of interest have I considered pursuing but haven’t that I know would benefit me?

What would positive expansion look like in my life?

. . . . . . .

saturnSaturn is in Scorpio: 10/5/12 to 12/23/14
(& again from 6/14/15 – 9/17/15)


Tests of balance, compromise, relating, loyalty. Fulfilling your commitments and agreements.

Qualities to focus on while Saturn is in Scorpio:

Authenticity; transforming your desire nature; controlling your impulses; creating (healthy) structures in your life that transform you in some way and bring you a greater sense of security; becoming realistic about both your true abilities and also your limitations.

Questions to ask during this time:

  • How willing am I to commit to my transformation?
  • Can I let go of old patterns that limit me?
  • What resources do I have that I may be wasting, or not using?

What to watch out for now:

  • Becoming withdrawn emotionally.
  • Misusing power or allowing others to take your power.
  • Trying to control situations.
  • Fears related to death or facing deep issues.
  • Being attracted to what is forbidden or dark.
  • Not destroying or deserting what is essential.
  • Being secretive when it would be best to be honest and forthcoming.

Other things to consider:

This placement of Saturn can initiate the purification of the emotional body, and then a deep regeneration of same. However, this is not an easy process by any means. Being willing to engage this process can ultimately create a greater trust in oneself which can be the foundation for a more productive and fulfilling life.

. . . . . . .

uranusUranus is in Aries: 3/11/11 – 5/15/18

Keywords while Uranus is in Aries:

Unusual, unpredictable events that change how you view things will occur more often. There is an acceleration of energies. It is indeed, a time to let go of old patterns and attitudes as the represents a new cycle has now begun and many new things are being ushered in.

Qualities to focus on during this time:

Being open to change that will bring you more aliveness and positive excitement to your life.

Questions to ask while Uranus is in Aries:

  • Am I willing change those things that will truly change my life?
  • Or do I back away from them?
  • Do I sabotage myself in this way?
  • What would be the first thing I would change in my life that would make it better if I could?

What to watch out for during this time:

Being erratic and making changes without any forethought. Seeking freedom and independence in impulsive ways. Resisting new ideas and information.

Other things to consider while Uranus is in Aries:

Uranus only changes signs every 7 years, so this is a very significant shift of energies.Read my article on this powerful shift and what to expect here.

. . . . . . .

neptuneNeptune is in Pisces: 2/3/2012 – 3/30/2025

Keywords while Neptune is in Pisces:

Neptune entering Pisces is a most mystical event, primarily because Neptune more than any other planet rules all that is sacred and mystical. And it’s now entering the sign it rules, which is considered to be the most spiritual of the signs. These mystical energies are subtle, yet strong.

Qualities to focus on during this time:

Surrender; forgiveness letting go, allowing God; devotion; faith.

Higher expressions of Neptune in Pisces:

  • You are more drawn to the inner realms, the only place we are truly safe
  • Your devotional nature gets stronger.
  • Meditation practice is deeper and results in greater peace
  • Intuition increase. Lots of 3rd eye activity
  • More sensitive to your environment. Picks up on things. Direct knowing
  • In general, a stronger pull towards the divine…seeking becomes even more important.

Questions to ask now:

  • Am I willing to truly surrender my will?
  • Am I open to a higher path for my life?
  • Do I express unconditional love or do I hold on to my “own version” of what love is?
  • Do I utilize the Spiritual tools and gifts that I have?

What to watch out for during this time:

  • Feeling more spacey and ungrounded.
  • Feeling scattered and have difficulty focusing.
  • Things may feel more surreal, unreal. As tho it’s a little harder to differentiate between what is real and what is not!
  • Imagination is strong, perhaps having you worry or fearful about things that will never happen (mass hysteria being an example of this).
  • Drugs, alcohol and addictions in general are greatly influenced by this placement. It is important not to go unconsciousness about the stronger inclination many will feel towards such behavior.
  • Panic or fear can become stronger, as well.
  • Desire to escape is stronger.
  • Picking up feelings from your environment. The “psychic sponge syndrome.”

Other things to consider while Neptune is in Pisces:

Neptune has not been in Pisces since the mid-1800’s, and when any one of the three outer planets changes signs it represents a shift. Neptune in Pisces initiates a pull towards the mysterious and deep currents of the subtle realms. No other Planet influences our Spiritual as much as Neptune does and it will now be even stronger now that it is in Pisces.

Many will sense that something quite mystical and magical is occurring and those who are attuned to such things can really sense this. If you stay present to the new energies, it may soften the intensity the energies and situations in your life. A key will be to go with the flow, not push rivers around, surrender to those things you can’t control and manage the things you can. The serenity prayer is a perfect one to keep saying now. Some things you can impact, others you can’t, ask for guidance in knowing which is which.

. . . . . . .

plutoPluto is in Capricorn: 11/26/08 – 3/23/23

Keywords for while Pluto is in Capricorn:

Profound transformations of government, corporations and society in general. Challenge to the established ways, rules and laws. Greater accountability of those in control of cultural destinies.

Qualities to focus on during this time:

Eliminating dogma and long-held beliefs that are no longer vital and alive. Seeing new potential arising out of the old form(s).

Questions to ask now:

  • Am I utilizing the strengths and resources available to me?
  • What are my real intentions?
  • Am I truly open to necessary transformation, that which is for the highest good of all, even if it means radical change?

What to watch out for during this time:

  • Holding on to the old because of resistance, or fear, of the new.
  • Not doing that which you know you must.

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