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Planets of our Solar System

Have you ever stopped to marvel at the beauty of our solar system?

The true nature of the cosmos remains a mystery to those who do not tune in to its magical insight and incalculable wisdom. The planets of our solar system join together to compose a harmonic symphony defining the universe as an ever changing single living organism.

Each planet and celestial body is but one instrument in this orchestra, each of which is rich with history through the ages with regard to its meaning and intellectual reference.

To some ancients the precision of the geometry of planetary movements marked the existence of gods and the intentions of mythological overseers.

Our site has teamed up with one of Europe’s top astrological researchers, to provide an insight into the physical nature of each planet and how we may have come about our astrological character definitions. It’s no secret but a little known fact that great men such as Hippocrates and Astrology, Plato and Astrology, Ptolemy and Astrology, Kepler and Astrology and Jung and Astrology all saw the relevant importance of Astrology and the planets toward finding a deeper understanding of how the heavens reflect our own lives.

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