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Pluto- A Light When All Other Lights Go Out

Pluto- A Light When All Other Lights Go Out

Pluto- A Light When All Other Lights Go Out

There is a big difference between someone who has Pluto in his/her chart and someone who lives ‘close’ to Pluto.

If Pluto is aspecting the chart ruler, or is very actively aspected to or close on the angles, that person will experience Pluto on a much deeper/sub-conscious/personal level. Likewise if one or both of the Luminaries are configured with Pluto or there are dynamic personal planets in close contact, an individual can be said to live under Plutos’ auspices. Just being a Scorpio doesn’t guarantee a strong Pluto influence. However, there are Scorpios and then there are “Scorpios”!

I have long felt that Pluto has often been misjudged, misuderstood and maybe even a little unfairly maligned since it’s discovery. Most often when we refer to Pluto it creates visions of violence, upheavel and revolution, of intense conflicts. In fact, this may often be the case with Pluto. Along with those visons, it generates a deep fear, distrust and awe.

All the power of Pluto and what it represents, brings with it a fear of the unknown and of those things that are discovered in the deepest recesses of our souls: a stressful anticipation of how it will transform us into Being. The result, – rebirth and new life.

And so, I wanted with this article, to examine the possibilities of another side of Pluto.

Pluto and and Frodo from “The Lord of the Rings”

To explain how I experience Pluto I ‘m going to reflect on a brief passage from one of this centurys’ greatest literary pieces (my opinion of course!), “The Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R. Tolkien.

If you are familiar with the story, I’m quoting from the passage where Frodo and Sam are entering Mordor via a dark subteranean tunnel, bringing to mind Pluto of the underworld.

All is heavy and black as the blackest night when they become aware of a danger, stealthily approaching in the darkness. While they could not “see” what lay before them, they “sensed” the danger and an unspeakable fear came upon them.

“Slowly his hand went to his bosom, and slowly he held aloft the phial of Galadriel. For a moment it glimmered, faint as a rising star….”

And so we reach, stretching for the light that shines within ourselves.

“…. as its power waxed, and hope grew in Frodo’s mind, it began to burn, and kindled to a silver flame, a minute heart of dazzling light.. .. .. The darkness receded from it until it seemed to shine in the centre of a globe of airy crystal, and the hand that held it sparkled with white fire….”

When Frodo and Sam came upon the danger in the form of a montrous Shelob, filled with malice, their fear returned. Frodo’s hand wavered, which held the light of the Phial and immediately the Shelob charged them. They fled in terror.

Frodo turned around and looked behind him, as the stench of death was like a cloud about him. He realized that flight was useless. “Stand! Stand! He cried desperately, “Running is no use.” ….

Frodo faced his fear and his heart flamed within him. He gathered his courage with the Phial in his left hand and with his right hand drew his sword. Holding the star aloft and the bright sword advanced, Frodo, hobbit of the Shire, walked steadily down to meet the eyes that shone from the Shelob. One by one the eyes went dark, the danger turned away and they were gone. In this way, he overcame his fear and the danger which stood before them.

When we draw out the power that Pluto holds, and it is joined by a mind and heart that is not afraid but full of hope, faith and love; it’s power grows to “push back” the encroaching darkness and reveals the true danger.

There are many things in our lives which cause sub-conscious fears to awake. We sub-conciously run from them because we fear confrontation, that it might cause us to have to adjust, change or adapt. But as Frodo says, running is no use. The issues may subside, but we will be brought to that confrontation some time at another date and place in our lives. There is no escape.

You see, human nature is such that most people dread confrontation. For many reasons; Fear of re-living a pain or injury from the past. Fear of seeing something in themselves that they don’t want to admit to. Fear of hurting another. Fear of the unknown, the future.

Pluto’s role is like the light of Galadriels is a light when all other lights go out. It reveals the true enemy, the fear, the monsters that are locked in the deep dark places of our lives. The regeneration, rebirth and renewel occurs when we react to the truth that is revealed. If we receive it with doubt and fear then we run and usually, we then become victims to the monster. If we survive the upheaval, then we change and grow because of the knowledge gained. It can be a hard lesson!

However, if we embrace the revelations that Pluto is giving us with hope, faith and love, then we tap into a creative power and we gain yet an even greater victory from the confrontation. We can arm ourselves with our “swords” if you like, and take positive action without fear. We are in fact our greatest enemy and yet we blame Pluto when all it is trying to do is light our way in the darkness. It’s quite ironic, I think!

Those that are deep in Pluto’s power have at their disposition the means to reveal, not only in their own lives, but also the lives of others. It is a power that can mightily heal as well as completely destroy. The problems arise because that power rests in the hands of us imperfect humans.


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