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Pluto In Cancer

Pluto in Cancer

Four years, 19 1 2- 1916, both Neptune and Pluto transited Cancer disrupting the home and traditional values of all kinds. Pluto remained in Cancer until 1938. The Cancerian United States went through one world war and prepared for the second. Many of those born during this period suffered broken homes. The society as a whole had to deal with a high divorce rate, women’s bid for freedom, birth control and a new attitude towards sex.

This generation is no longer imprisoned by their home as their predecessors were. Differences between the sexes continue to be minimized as this generation demands equal work and the right of women to compete in all areas. Pluto is much stronger in your chart and much more sensitive to transits if it happens to be conjunct your Sun or Ascendant.

If you have Pluto in Cancer or the Fourth House you have had to deal with society’s demands and expectations on the performance of the home and family on the domestic scene. Your freedom may have been bought with a high price. The points you may have established will affect all of those who follow.

Individually, you may feel like an orphan with this position. Peace must be found between “to be or not to be.” You become aware at some age of the complicated problems of life on this earth and the evolvement necessary to function in some way compatible with your individuality and the society in which you find yourself. This is the place where you grow up and become an individual.

Here are a few keynotes of Pluto in Cancer. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

PLUTO IN CANCER: A generational indicator for transformation of family life, family therapy, psychotherapy related to family-of-origin, home ownership and group living arrangements for the masses. Dealing with the consequences of repressed emotion and emotional needs.

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