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Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) By Sun Signs – What To Expect Under This Transit

pluto in capricorn transitTransiting Pluto In Capricorn

Transiting Pluto can stay in one zodiacal sign anywhere from 12 to 20 years. It can take 248 years to travel through the entire zodiac. It is considered a major transit. Pluto officially entered the sign of Capricorn November 27, 2008 and will be in Capricorn until November 20, 2024, at which time it will officially enter the sign of Aquarius.

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What is the planetary transit of Pluto in Capricorn all about?

Pluto is the planet of death and transformation on a physical, emotional, and psychological level. The transit of Pluto’s entrance into any zodiacal sign can be either subtle or explosive. It carries with it tremendous power and is known to pack a wallop.

By the end of Pluto’s journey through a house or department of life in your natal chart, you will know that you’ve been through some type of long, transforming, experience. You might not know exactly what this transforming experience was, but one thing you will know for sure and that is you, your lifestyle or world around you won’t ever be the same again.

Some things will pass out of your life, perhaps by your own doing, or because of circumstances beyond your control. Rest assured something else will be put in its place. Things that can pass out of your life or be taken away from you can be anything such as a house, money, pension, life savings, loved one, job, career, etc. The experience can be tragic, but on another level, you may be forced to take a different road in life and this can be a good thing in the long run when you are way up the road in life and looking back at where you were when these very important thing(s) was or were taken away.

Pluto transits generally begin by slowly breaking down old structures in your life that are no longer useful or are preventing your growth process. On occasion, a Pluto transit can make its debut with a powerfully destructive blow like wiping out an entire town with a tornado, hurricane, volcano eruption, etc. A tree could fall on your house, you could wind up in the hospital with a life threatening illness. You could break a leg or arm.

Does Pluto always bring this kind of destruction?

Not necessarily, but the very things we resist, the very changes necessary for our spiritual progress that we shy away from, the very things we could never dream of doing or becoming, these new circumstances or situations may be thrust upon us as circumstances beyond our control, especially when we are unwilling to accept the fact that life is all about change. Nothing ever stays the same for long, including our bodies, our thinking, our view on life, etc.

Does everything have to be destructive or bad with a Pluto cycle?

No. You could win the lottery or slowly work yourself up the ladder of success financially, emotionally, or spiritually with the transit of Pluto.

Transiting Pluto is definitely a force to reckon with. Its presence in your life can destroy, eliminate, or just do some plain old fashion house cleaning regarding physical things you no longer need.

Relationships are not safe from Pluto’s touch. Relationships can be strengthened, eliminated or a significant new one enters your life to influence you toward major change.

Pluto transits can bring decay, death, and some type of major transformation. Machines and machinery break down, need replaced or repaired if they aren’t fully destroyed first. Machinery can become outdated, obsolete, or destroyed. Look at how computers have become smaller and outdated within a year’s time.

Pluto is slow to travel through a sign, but through the process something new grows out of the ashes of the destruction.

Pluto can transform our physical appearance, especially when it transits our Ascendant and into our first house also known as the first house of self. You can go from thin to obese and vice versa, cut long hair to short, from a full head of hair to shaving our heads bald. Whatever changes you make to your appearance, it is likely to indicate a change in the inner you. This is all due to the transforming qualities of transiting Pluto over your Ascendant and into your first house.

As old aspects of your life pass away, they are replaced by new ones that could not otherwise have come into existence in your life if it were not for the powers of transiting Pluto.

Unfortunately, if you are too fixed, rigid, stubborn, or resistant to change, then the necessary transformation that you need in order to change and grow will be forced upon you and out of your control. Thus, rather than be in charge of your life, you may feel that you have lost control over your life. You may have to adjust and contend with circumstances and change that you may not like or might even hate. We will struggle to change our circumstances by finding new ways to make our life better.

New people can come into our life to help us up from a fall, physically or mentally. You may consider them angels. Someone could come into you life to become a mentor, teacher or Sage that helps you grow in wisdom and knowledge.

When you resist change life has a way of forcing the changes upon you and then you will scream and holler and say, “Look what life has done to me, poor me.”

Major decision making such as moving/relocating, changing careers, changing your thinking, the way you see things in life, the way you live your life, the way you behave, for some, may no longer be the same after transiting Pluto stops being a force for change in your life.

If you find transiting Pluto giving you a rough time, then you may need to ask yourself, “What is it that I need in my life to help me learn and grow, or what will it take to get me to change?” I have to ask you, “Were you ever going to change on your own?”

Sometimes it takes a catastrophe in order for someone to go out and do something to make the world a better place to live. Transits of Pluto have a long journey in which to manifest these types of major, transformational changes in our life and in humankind. Out of something bad, something good often comes.

Powerful changes for the betterment of, not only our lives, but for the good of all humankind, generally has the touch of transiting Pluto upon it. Pluto transits can also help you achieve your Dharma when you make good things happen, when you sow good seeds and do good deeds. Such historical humanitarians were Lincoln, and Gandhi, etc.

You can count on upheaval and transformation regarding our government, business and economy here in the US and through out the world.

It takes Pluto approximately 248 years to transit all the signs of the zodiac and make one complete revolution around the Sun. 233 years ago in 1776 we, in Northern America, won our independence from England, July 4, 1776. The last time Pluto transited the sign of Capricorn was in 1776. Wow!

Well, I guess, if history tells us anything, it is that history often repeats its self. It may be that we will be putting together a whole new democratic government with the next new administration based on the original 1776 Declaration of Independence. Will there be a revolution of some sort? Or did it already happen with the election of President Obama? Americans are crying out for a voice to be heard in our government. Obama just may be that voice or hope.

My personal opinion is that we haven’t had a democracy or democratic working government from 2001-2009. It may be quite a struggle to establish a working government that is based on the original Declaration of Independence of “we the people.” So, with the help of Pluto, we may be able to take back America. And, perhaps, the middle class can begin to regain its place in our society, not just a rich or poor class.

Did the cycle of Pluto break down our government in order to transform and build a new one, one that is more humanitarian, one that works for all Americans?

What will happen when transiting Pluto enters the sign of the humanitarian sign of Aquarius in 11-2-24?

We will soon have what is known astrologically as a Cardinal T-Square with transiting Pluto in the cardinal sign of Capricorn squaring transiting Uranus in the cardinal sign of Aries and squaring transiting Saturn in the cardinal sign of Libra. We haven’t experienced this T-Square in these exact zodiacal signs in the last several hundred years. I couldn’t find this cardinal square happening in these exact signs in the last 500 years. If you find out when this happened in the past, please e-mail with the info and dates.

Mother Earth may not be able to handle the stress on her body and we could witness many devastating earth changes and catastrophes such as volcano eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis.

I don’t usually use my Website for political rhetoric, but, without a doubt, Pluto now in the sign of Capricorn is going to transform many countries politically, especially the US as a nation, and personally in some form or another. By the way, did you know the color that represents Pluto is black?

This is just my opinion. My point is this. This transit of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn is a huge major transit. It is a very important transit. So, for all concerned, it is best to be better informed. Read all about the now dwarf planet Pluto and become more aware of our entrance into a whole new way of life and living. Things are going to break down and then be transformed, like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

If you want to know where all the major transits are in your natal chart wheel go to this site’s menu and click on Free  Reports( or click here).

Let’s look at all the sun signs to see where you have transiting Pluto in Capricorn in your solar chart and where you might be transformed. Remember, I am dealing only with the solar chart since I do not have everyone in the world’s natal chart. So, only the house in your solar chart is mentioned below and the areas in your life that may be transformed or affected.

Pluto in Capricorn transit 1st house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 2nd house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 3th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 4th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 5th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 6th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 7th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 8th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 9th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 10th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 11th house
Pluto in Capricorn transit 12th house

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Aries Zodiac Sign

Transiting Pluto is in your solar 10th house of career and status in the world. There is apt to be a huge change in your career and personality in both large and small ways. Circumstances in your life are going to change big time mainly because you want to be your own boss and be in charge of your life. Others close to you may like the changes and others may walk out of your life because they can no long control you.

Expect to be extremely busy in these next several years working hard on the job/career, your self and relationships such as marriage partner or significant other in your life. Whatever time or money you invest in career to gain financial security should or will pay off in the long run.

Watch your health, get the proper amount of sleep, eat right and do things to lessen the stress in your life. Avoid alcohol, drugs, excessive spending, gambling, etc. Don’t take on more than you can physically handle. Be glad if you are working and have a job. Learn how to delegate the work load.

With transiting Pluto in your 10th house of career, profession, status in life and transiting Uranus in Aries in your first house, your personality is going to change in huge ways. Others close to you may be quite surprised by your new behavior and attitude. You will seek freedom at any cost to be yourself and you will transform into a very unique and independent person and personality. You are no longer in chains mentally. The sky is the limit as long as you learn how to organize, set your goals and then carry through. Your status could change from married to divorced, from divorced to married during this cycle.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Taurus Zodiac Sign

Yes, transiting Pluto is still in your solar 9th house of higher education, religion, long distance travel, grandchildren, mother’s health and fixing up the house. But some things are changing in your life. You may be experiencing what is called a Mutable Dilemma. Oh, what to do, you keep asking yourself.

During the next few years you are also going to begin to feel the affects of what is called a Cardinal T-Square, but fortunately or unfortunately these heavy transits are going to manifest in the 6th, 9th and 12th houses in your solar chart and in what are called mutable houses.

Being a Taurus makes you a bit fixed and probably you do not like change very much. You are the kind of person who needs preparation time to make big changes in your life. And, this is probably what you are going to be doing in these next few years. This cardinal T-square is apt to make you feel like you want to get started in preparation of some big changes you are considering down the road. You want to be ready. Get ready for what? Maybe you will be wanting to sell your home in a few years and to move out of state. Maybe you will be expressing a desire to retire, or change professions or begin a new life in some way. These are all possibilities regarding the rumblings going on in the background of your mind and in your life during these next few years.

If you are thinking of going back to school to further your education, do it. If your house needs rehab work or fixing up, then be prepared to put in all the hard work necessary and get it done, especially if you are thinking of selling it in a few years.

If you are unhappy with your current religion you may be looking to find a different church. During this Pluto cycle you could change your religion or go back to church if you have been away, or you could, if you were atheist, might begin to believe in God, or if you are religious, then you might begin to disbelieve in a God. Who knows what you will do regarding religion and belief. You could bounce back and forth regarding religion during this whole long Pluto cycle.

This is also a time to get healthy, eat right and to pay attention to the health of your significant other or marriage partner. It is better to be proactive in health matters or concerns now.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Gemini Zodiac Sign

Yes, you still have have transiting Pluto in your solar 8th house of other people’s money, your partner’s money, wills, possessions, inheritance, your income tax concerns, matters to do with IRS, credit card debt, sex and matters or business that deals with death and dying. Some new developments are in the works.

You will experience what is called astrologically a Cardinal T-Square in your solar 5th, 8th, and 11th houses. These houses and departments of life will be very much highlighted during these next few years. You will make progress in getting debt paid down. You may not be able to rely on other people’s money or financial help, so during these next few years, you will have to find ways to creatively make more money.

You will have help from transiting Saturn and transiting Uranus in Aries for these next few years, so don’t waste any time getting your finances in order. Tear up your credit cards and get all your bills paid off, because now is the time. You need to look at your future and know how you are going to support yourself. Use the opportunities that come knocking at your door at this time, but you have to open the door and this means getting up and doing something.

There could be problems or burdens regarding the money or property you own jointly with another. Banks and mortgages will be in high focus as you try to apply for a loan, or re-mortgage your home or business. You should make sure your wills are made out for current situations and circumstances. Make sure all IRS, and tax matters are tended to. Learn how to save, save, save. Put trusted family on your bank accounts, insurance policies and all legal and important papers. Don’t assume all is in order.

The passing of someone close to you could change your life very deeply. Any inheritances could be held up or have some snags. This is a good cycle in which to break any addictive habits like gambling, drinking, smoking, spending, over eating, etc.

Begin a new plan of cleaning and clearing out mentally and physically. You could obtain some of your life long dreams. You could achieve your plans and goals as long as they are realistic. Stop day dreaming and put your mind and creativity to work for you. Learn computers and you may find yourself buying new computer equipment.

Children could be a financial burden during this cycle. It is okay to help, just make sure your help is needed or wanted and will make a difference.

Love and romance could take a serious turn into a life long commitment or marriage. Enjoy transiting Saturn in your solar 5th house, just don’t over indulge in any way. Business could be mixed with pleasure, so enjoy. This could wind up being a very positive time and cycle in your life.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Cancer Zodiac Sign

Yes, you still have transiting Pluto in your solar 7th house of marriage, partnership, legal matters, courts and lawyers. This Pluto transit is likely to change your important relationships for the better or worse. It depends on how you handle this transit and your partner and/or how they handle and treat you.

Power struggles need to be addressed. Who has to have the last say-so all the time? Try, instead, working in partnership, make it more 50/50. Give up some of that control if you are overly controlling or take the control if you have been sitting back holding everything in and getting no where. Instead learn how to negotiate and compromise with your partner and business partners.

A marriage or partnership could end and/or a new one come into existence. Make sure all your partnerships are made legal and with the help of a professional lawyer. Prenuptials would be a good thing before getting married or moving in with another.

Obey the rules, all rules, don’t speed, if you do, the police are likely to find you and fine you heavily. You could be defending someone or needing a lawyer to defend you.

Open enemies could cause you some stress or concern. You are about to feel the experience of a Cardinal T-Square in your solar 4th, 7th, ad 10th houses so be prepared for some huge changes in these departments of your life. They can be good ones for the better and there can be some horrid ones to bear.

So, keep up a good health program for yourself and try to bear up under so many things going on at once in your life. You may be moving, or someone can be moving in as well as someone moving out.

You could divorce and/or marry during this cycle or take on a significant other in your life. You could suddenly want to change careers and up and quit what you have been doing in order to feel free. You have to be the boss of the job you are in during this cycle, otherwise you may feel terribly trapped.

The stress in your life is apt to be extremely high during this cycle, so do whatever necessary to stay calm and learn how to handle the things you can and don’t worry so much about things you have no control over.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Leo Zodiac Sign

Yes, transiting Pluto is still in your solar 6th house of care and health of your body, meaning teeth, hair, hygiene, etc, birds in general and pets, humane societies, civil service, doctors, and doctors’ offices, janitor work, janitors, job, dogs/cats, animal bites, public health and tenants.

These are a lot of departments of which transiting Pluto will transform some or a few of these in some way large or small in our life. Perhaps you will begin to treat your body and health with much more concern and awareness. But, don’t go overboard with fad dieting. Eat healthy, but don’t go to extremes. Tip the waiters/waitresses with a little more generosity, they work hard. Treat those you work with with more friendliness and communicate more clearly to everyone around you. Remember, people can’t read your mind. Pay closer attention to your health. Eat right, get enough sleep and see your doctor for regular and routine exams just to play it safe.

If you are a landlord, make sure you screen your tenants closely and don’t be an absent landlord. Make sure your property is in good condition or else you could be sued. If you over work during this transit, you could weaken your health or cause health issues. Pay to have some things done. You may not be able to physically do everything yourself like you used to. Get your teeth fixed if they need fixing or cleaning. You could be very involved in work and service to help others in the health field. You could be taking care of the elderly or needy. It could be your job to do this.

Siblings may need your help or it is time to stop arguing. You could now be the peace maker within the family unit and with siblings. It may also be time to travel to visit relatives. Grandchildren could cost you money. Getting a new telephone or cell phone or numbers may be necessary. Seek justice in all matters to do with schools, teachers, and judges. Don’t sit back and do nothing. Money crunch or problems are now in better shape; just stay out of debt now.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Virgo Zodiac Sign

Transiting Pluto is still in your solar 5th house of love, romance, children, vacations, pleasure, back and spine, the stage, resorts, strokes, artistic and creative work and risk taking. During this cycle you need to be more cautious regarding gambling or risk taking. You need to watch your money more closely and begin to learn a new and better way of spending and saving. You need to get out of debt and pay off your debts.

You finally see what love is really all about, how to love, how to share, how to be generous and romantic toward your significant other. You are likely to pursue some dream you have been hoping to achieve for a long, long time. Just be realistic and stay focused. You can obtain the love of your life and a life long dream no matter what it is. During this transit you are likely to learn how to give and receive love, compliments and affection.

This is a great cycle for creative work, artistic work and to have children if this is your wish. If you are a teacher, this is a great time for teaching children and adults of all ages. Don’t spend a lot at any casino, but you could win on small machines.

During this cycle you could break bad habits or addictions like gambling, smoking pot or spending recklessly. You really need to have someone teach you how to draw up a budget and then learn how to discipline yourself to stick with it. Weddings, showers, babies will cost you money. Debt you owe other people will now come up to deal with and settle once and for all. Legal expenses are costly, but you have to pay it or work out a deal to see that these expenses are paid.

Relationships with children change. Just remember you are the parent and need to exercise maturity in all matters dealing with children.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Libra Zodiac Sign

Transiting Pluto is still in your solar 4th house of home, family, the past, real estate, land, a parent (mother), domestic situations, and your heritage. During this cycle all or some of these departments of life will be in high focus. You will need to work on some of these issues to make them less stressful.

This is a cycle when you might consider buying a house or a condo or a piece of land or property as well as selling a house, condo or land. You may have problems selling a home or buying one and it could be because significant other doesn’t want to sell or move. During this cycle you could move several times before you finally settle into something permanent. Home and having some place to live may be an issue or concern. You may have to settle for something less than you wanted, but do some rehabbing and fixing up and it will look great.

Get rid of past garbage. It’s time to create the domestic life you’ve always wanted. Someone is moving in and someone is moving out. You may be renting out one of your homes or you may need to help someone and it could be your own children as they transition into a new home.

You are very busy during this cycle trying to make a marriage work. Tension could mount as you and your significant other are at a Mexican Stand Off. Who will give in? Your significant other may want freedom or a divorce and you may want more control. You may feel as if your world is falling apart. You are apt to be under a lot of stress due to the family dynamics. You will experience what is known astrologically as a Cardinal T-Square and this will feel like a lot of pressure on you or like the world is on your shoulders. You can’t resolve difficult situations like you have in the past. You may need objective counseling.

A sibling may need help. The best thing you can do is listen. The way you have lived in the past may come to an end. Things change and some things you have no control over. The domestic scene experiences major changes.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Transiting Pluto is still in your solar 3rd house of daily communication, daily travel, transportation, neighbors, siblings, mind, thinking, talking, cars, computers, and telephones. These departments of life can be a source of problems or concerns of some sort. Cars and your means of transportation can be a constant source of aggravation until you get the car you need or want or get one repaired. Could get new neighbors that have an impact on your life for good or bad. You are likely to have to get a newer computer, or phone service.

Your job may entail a lot more commuting and daily travel. Siblings may need your help. They may be going through some major transformations. Let’s hope they are good ones. You may be experiencing some depression due to other people’s illnesses or difficult circumstances. You may find yourself becoming the comforter for others, the shoulder they need to lean on.

Love and romance may feel like it is gone out of your life and you may experience some feelings of loss or loneliness. You could be witness to some terrible tragic accident or be involved in rescue efforts. You may feel you have a spiritual purpose to help others, just don’t run away from taking care of our own problems or responsibilities. Your services are needed and you feel good about helping. Bullies should not be tolerated, seek legal action.

This is a time of transition in your own life now, so be gentle with yourself as you watch changes taking place all around you. Do not be afraid. You will come out of any crises stronger than ever before. Don’t lose faith, in fact, strengthen it. Be proactive and tie up all loose ends during this cycle in order to get ready for major changes in your life in another two years from now.

Remember, life is all about change. It’s time to open up and talk about some serious matters, especially about money, death and sex.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Transiting Pluto is still in your solar 2nd house of money, salary, possessions, self-esteem, how you spend money and the money you are able to earn. During this cycle you will find out what is truly of value. If you have used money in the past to doctor your feelings or to make you feel better, then transiting Pluto here will make you stop and think about how you have been spending your money. You may take care of those feelings in the right way–by talking about them and getting them up and out in the open.

Deeply buried hurts or trauma may come to the surface in order to heal them and this will be a good thing. On the positive side of this transit, you may become a lot more frugal in order to save for your retirement and to pay off debt in order to buy the big items you desire and/or to prepare for your future.

All the things you bought in the past couldn’t repair that hole in the heart, that buried trauma, that situation that you buried from long ago. Now you can get on with striving to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. You can develop a much better attitude about yourself and your future life and what you want out of life.

Children continue to be an avenue in which you learn more about yourself. Your children will want their freedom from you and it is up to you to help them prepare for their future by recognizing that they are struggling to become independent. You have to give them the right amount of space to become independent of you. You have to teach them to be independent, work for their money, clean up after themselves, etc. You can’t hold onto them forever.

A friend, group or organization comes to an end. It was meant to be. Now is the time to search out new friends and groups and clubs in which to join in order to find new and better social outlets.

Talk about any underlying sexual problems you may have with your significant other or spouse. Talk is the healer.

First born may be thinking of marriage or become engaged. Take it slow and don’t put a damper on things. It will all work out in the long run. One of your siblings has a very big problem, but only they can work it out.

Try not to open mouth and insert foot. Drink more water in these next few years. You are going so fast you are drying out.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Transiting Pluto is still in your solar 1st house of self, persona, physical body, how the world sees you and in your personal appearance. You have to ask yourself about the changes that are taking place within you and in your personal life and in your appearance. Are these changes positive ones? Or are you taking the negative side of this Pluto transit and allowing yourself to go down hill, slide into oblivion, getting too skinny or too fat? Remember, Pluto is about extremes, extreme power, extreme changes in looks, extreme changes in your attitude, thoughts, philosophies, how you eat, sleep, live your life, etc.

You could gain a ton of weight or lose a ton of weight. I think you get my point here. You really need to try and keep a balance in your life. Balance your check book, your values, your weight, your attitude, your lifestyle, etc. If you feel lost it is understandable with transiting Pluto transforming you from the inside out.

This is a time to stay objective and seek help if you begin to feel overwhelmed with the changes. What you valued before may have changed. What you thought you wanted may not be what you want now. Your career, home life, home, family, and self are all undergoing major transformation during this Pluto transit.

Lucky for you transiting Pluto is in an earth sign of Capricorn, thus you will stay more grounded than the Sagittarians who experienced this Pluto transit. They literally set their whole life on fire, burned bridges and moved on so fast that they are just now catching their breath.

This cycle gives you, the steadfast Capricorn, great power over your inner self, but you must use it wisely. People will look to you for answers, look to you as the one in charge. You will be called upon to help those in need, those who have less. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Work on yourself; get rid of the faults that hold you back from self-actualization and success, especially if you have low self-esteem or think you are not good enough to succeed. Act as if. Act as if you will succeed because you deserve to as long as you have put in the hard work to succeed. But avoid acting like a “big shot” and that you can’t lose. This attitude will cause you to fail. Remain humble and don’t lose your sites on your goals and then steadily go after what it is you want.

If you are overweight, then work at losing the excess pounds. If you are underweight, then strive to gain weight. If you have negative addictions, get rid of them. Become the powerhouse, high executive, wealthy person, authority figure, master at your craft that this Pluto transits says you can be.

During this cycle, circumstances, situations or things or people will be taken out of your life in order to fill your life with other things that are needed to accommodate your new life goals. When a door closes a window opens. At first it may feel like you got hit by a train, but getting back up will make you stronger for the new life that will emerge later on with this transit.

Just remember that if you are put in charge or become the powerful person promised of this transit that you use your power for the good of all, the good of the whole and not just for your own personal greed or self-gratification. You can make a positive impact on the world. Your appearance can change during this cycle, let’s hope it is a positive appearance, no skull and bones, instead a sharp suit and tie. Act the part.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Transiting Pluto is still in your solar 12th house of hidden strength, hidden enemies, karmic responsibilities, secrets, fears, worry, psychic ability, prisons, retirement homes, hospitals, quiet time, aloneness and secret service. Any kind of childhood traumas or issues with dad or major authority figure from the past hopefully have been getting healed and/or undergoing a healing transformation.

You are getting to the root of some of your deep hidden problems. Hopefully you have been going to some type of objective counselor to help guide you along in your subconscious revelations and transformations. You may even be questioning your religious doctrine or faith. But, hang in there and don’t lose your faith. It doesn’t hurt to question your religious teachings, but God isn’t your problem. You are finally getting in touch with misplaced and misinformed files in your memory bank and subconscious where everything that ever happened to you in childhood is getting straightened out during this cycle of Pluto in your solar 12th house. An absent father, an abusive father, a drunken father or one that died early in your life–these are all possible causes for your current problems.

And during this transit you may also be having to care for or take care of your other parent. Time to resolve the problems with any siblings. You need to have a sit down and free yourself from any misunderstandings, resentments, or anger issues you have with siblings. Not a good time to get into arguments with neighbors. These feuds can last a lifetime or maybe now is the time to settle any such feuds. You may have vacation plans out of state or country.

If you are looking to buy land or property out of state or country, make sure you have an excellent lawyer. Check credentials. You seem to be free-floating in a lot of ways. Now is the time to put more effort into your job or career or to get a new career. You may have a lot of paper work involving schools, colleges, or legal matters, get it done.

Don’t waste time. You have some major irons in the fire, so stay focused. Court cases are a real hassle and stressful. Keep a more watchful eye on pets. If you lose a pet, find a positive way to remember them. You may find comfort in a new church or religion. It is really all about finding a more personal relationship with your higher power. Honor the dead. Keep your vehicle in good running order by checking oil, tires, engine more often. Cars don’t last forever. Keep the house clean at all times if you hope to sell it. Expect unexpected guests. Don’t argue with siblings, instead be a good listener.

Pluto in Capricorn transit for Pisces Zodiac Sign

Transiting Pluto is still in your solar 11th house of friends, hopes, life goals, organizations and money from your profession and business. New friends, new groups and organizations are all highlighted in this cycle of your life. You are likely to get involved in new groups that have a powerful impact on and in your life during this Pluto transit through your solar 11th house. Just don’t get involved in cults because this could cost you in many ways and also financially.

The new career or profession you have undertaken in these last several years will prove to be very rewarding in numerous ways. You are apt to find yourself financially free in ways you never thought possible. You gain financially in your new business or profession, but you do have to be careful how you spend your money. You may think you have the freedom to spend as you choose, but you could be experiencing freedom through the use of money and spending. Don’t go there.

Partner’s money and finances could be undergoing a strain or some stress at this time. Perhaps the money you thought would be there is being held up. You are experiencing a Cardinal T-Square in fixed houses indicating that you can get a lot started and finished. Just be careful not to be overly stubborn or rigid in how finances are handled. Banks, insurance companies or retirement funds could take a big fall. Check into these agencies to make sure they aren’t going to go belly-up or mishandle your investments. Sex has sort of dried up somehow, thus it may be time to talk about these matters no matter if you are male or female, your partner may feel like they are being rejected and it isn’t really them, it may be that you lost interest or hormones.

Children are likely to be facing major change in their lives, be supportive of their life decisions and career changes. You may be challenged to have more tolerance of other people’s opinions or values, even if you disagree. Anything of the supernatural is very intriguing and interesting to you now. Just make sure you have all the correct information. Not a good cycle to invest or put your money in unknown banks or organizations. Stay with the tried and true. You could be audited at random.

Make sure you keep all your bills and receipts. Keep a lid on wild spending or speculation and it wouldn’t hurt to say “no” to those who want to borrow money.

If you do not have a copy of your natal chart, go to the main menu on this website and click on Free reports, from there go to natal chart wheel and plug in all your birth data. In this chart you can find where your natal Pluto is located and what house transiting Pluto is passing through.

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