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Pluto- Control vs. Empowerment

Pluto- Control vs. Empowerment

Pluto- Control vs. Empowerment

Pluto- A Malefic Planet?

Pluto is considered to be malefic. It holds this reputation for a reason. It is the planet to which we attribute great power and intensity. Whatever Pluto stands for, it is not small or insignificant. Its presence represents a long lasting powerful intensity.

Pluto is retrograde close to half of every year. This can be felt as the one step forward, two steps back method in our lives. Every time we think we have overcome adversity, and things seem to be running smoothly, BLAM!!! The intense pain or anxiety comes back as an unrelenting reminder. The multi-layered effects of the sub-conscious are revealed and felt at a very deep level, especially in the areas where Pluto is affecting us most directly.

The positive side of Pluto emanates regeneration, transformation, and rebuilding. However, the process through which it allows us these factors is disturbing, and often devastating. With Pluto, our issues of control, fear, and desire to stay in a comfortable place, are projected into our conscious drastically. I like to call this Pluto’s in your face method.

Yet, these issues are hidden under turmoil, loss, and the destruction of our comfort structure. Does our personal world actually change drastically ? Often, yes it does. Losing a relationship, a loved one, or possessions of any kind are the powerful messages Pluto sends. As Pluto works to destruct the zone in which we are comfortable, inside and out, our lives are completely changed. Then the rebuilding process can begin.

Pluto in my life

In my life, I have seen both the power of Pluto‘s destruction and the healing. Fear and a sense of loss have encompassed me. Later I realize how temporary it was.

This is not to say that many of Pluto’s affects are tiny or temporary. It is the fear and the sense of loss which is. I felt as if my shadow were yanked from within, turned inside out, and switched places with my conscious. This intense feeling was merely a fear, that I had not completely healed, but its intensity screamed so loudly, I could not ignore it any longer.

The inner and outer transformation worked together, reflecting and inspiring my regeneration. Facing the world, despite these fears, looking at my shadow and saying, “okay I know you are there, and I can accept you as a part of me,” gave me the freedom from fear. This is Pluto at its finest, and I can now appreciate its power.

Yet, I know, all too well, the job is never complete. I can only hope that awareness will constantly remind me never to abandon the healing process, hoping each time the pain of Pluto resurfaces, it will be a little easier to understand and release.

Pluto and Control

Pluto represents control in every form. Including our struggle for self-control, resisting control from others, and external limitations which place a heavy weight on our shoulders. Most people will deal with all of these types of control within their lives and many simultaneously. We can struggle with wishing for more self control and discipline, while fighting to not be controlled emotionally or physically by a parent, mate, employer, or society in general.

I suggest they often work together, as the exterior reflections of our inner selves are recognized. In other words, if you feel controlled by the outer world, most likely within yourself hides some form of control issue that screams to be healed and released.

This is the ultimate power of Pluto. To drag a feeling or fear from deep within and make it impossible for you to miss. Unfortunately, most humans cannot hear the underlying scream. They feel the outer physical and/or emotional pain so intensely, that their minds are preoccupied with removal of it. Yet, when the issue within us is healed, the outside world no longer seems so bad.

Pluto and fearA misconception that humans often hold is mistaking control for personal power. The struggle to resist control or manipulation by others, the desire to control others’ choices, and attempting to control all the little details of our own lives demonstrate a greater need.

Is this not a quest for the personal power that seems to evade us? I suggest it is. Subconsciously, the hunter in our masculine nature is continually asserting itself to uphold his sense of control or power. Our feminine side reacts as if her power needs to be protected or is being taken.

The effect of stripping one’s identity, feeling empty and adrift has entered most of our lives at some point. This is our desperate cry for our own personal power. Humans walk through life, demonstrating, protecting, and unconsciously acquiring from others, what they hope will serve as personal empowerment.

What is personal empowerment?

Since it is personal, it is only for each individual to discover. But, I can tell you what it is not. Many people search and strive for things in their life: a soul mate, control, money, recognition, learning, the answers of the Universe, enlightenment, and God. We go through life either asserting our control or fighting not to become victim to others’. We make sure everything is in order, while we deeply fear losing control of our life. We accumulate possessions or knowledge, then we build, protect, and cling to them. We strive to achieve, overcome, and win.

These are aspects of control or our futile attempt to replace the lack of personal power we feel inside. However, true empowerment requires no effort. It is the gift we are born with, the God within us. When we let go of the things in life that control rules, we can open ourselves to our personal empowerment. We do not need to attain it, build it, protect it, or hold on to it. We merely acknowledge it, respect it in others, and have faith in the freedom felt when we know it is ours to keep.

B. I. Willis

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