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Pluto, Learning To Take Back Our Power

Pluto, Learning To Take Back Our Power

It seems to me there is a theme running through some of the most popular and mystical movies out at this time. Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings are finding their way into the hearts of young and old people alike. Through the subtly and majesty of these movies we are gaining exposure to the true nature of Pluto. This is a time when Pluto is asking us to change our beliefs both spiritually and ideologically as a society.

Now, mention the word Pluto to an astrology student and you may get a horrified look. Because you are referencing the planet that wields the most power in the Universe! Most people hear Pluto and they think about death and destruction. Pluto rules the 8th house, the house of death, sex, and taxes. It also rules Scorpio who has a bad rap for their tremendous intensity and “sting”.

But just like the phoenix in Harry Potter, Pluto also directs us and shows us how to rise from the ashes of destruction (ours or others). There is no greater power available than when you go through your fears and overcome them instead of letting them stop or overcome you. This is the true guiding light that Pluto shines on the situation. Perhaps the 23rd psalm was written in response to a Plutonian moment…though thy walk through the valley of the shadow of death, thy will fear no evil.

For it is our fears that Pluto teaches us to overpower, and in doing so, finding our true power. Someone once said to me, “When you have the power to move mountains, you no longer need to do so”. That knowing and trusting in the Universe, is ultimately the gift of the Pluto experience and we are Universal beings!

In today’s society, our children and perhaps our own inner-children have lost many of our role models or guideposts along the way. But with each disappointment or betrayal of trust we are being asked to let go of something greater than ourselves and to look at the greatness in ourselves. This strength within can be an awesome power and is witnessed by “all that holds the ring”. For those who fear their own power know that they are capable of doing great deeds good and destructive. It is when we recognize that we are capable of destructive acts that we are able to make a choice born of free will.

Frodo’s ability to carry the ring and not be seduced by it’s power comes from his ability to be pure of intent and inner-guided. His humility allows him to serve humanity and those around him without guile or ulterior motive. His strength is that he serves well that whom he serves best and his best is the humanitarian best. He believes in the potential goodness that resides within us all and sometimes only appears in the moment of crisis. He is the mythological hero who takes on the task despite what it means to him on a personal basis. He knows that if “he isn’t part of the solution he is part of the problem” and that service to humanity is part of the human connection that binds us all. For ultimately we all stand or fall together. There is no one individual stronger than the Universal all.

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