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Pluto In Leo

Pluto in Leo

Those of you who were born with Pluto in Leo have a rather regenerative as well as a self destructive attitude toward your life support system which is supported by your entire generation depending on what sign your Sun channels these energies through.

Your existence is literally a life and death matter which you see as being two sides of the same coin. You are the original “do your own thing” generation. As children you were not a submissive bunch. You were outspoken and daring in shaping your own ego with but slight attention to your feedback except to change your audience rather than yourself. Of course, you all do this in terms of your Sun sign energies, as well as the rest of your chart, which gives you your own individual approach.

Pluto located in your life support system gives you the feeling that you are indestructible or an awareness that life is much more complicated than it appears on the surface to other people.

You may feel either that you are a victim or the master of vast forces hidden somewhere within the earth, the universe or your own consciousness.

In any case, you are made aware of energies your predecessors were largely unconscious of. How much of a mystery this is lies within the individual consciousness of each of you. In every case you have a vision of and curiosity about the end and the beginning of life as you are experiencing it.

The post-war baby boomers are the dominant generation of our time. Extraordinary creativity is equaled by an incredible interest in Self. This brings both desirable awareness and infantile self-indulgence. Leo has to do with the development of the human personality on an individual level. Pluto, as always, both destroys (to transform) and empowers. Pushing the limits of personality may accelerate our movement to the next level of human experience, the collective mind.

Here are a few keynotes of PLUTO IN LEO. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

PLUTO IN LEO: A generational indicator for transformation of self-confidence, self-expression, the arts, child-rearing, and the creative process. Opening the heart [chakra] and keeping it open regardless of personal history. The me-generation.

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