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Pluto In Libra

Pluto in Libra

Virgo and Libra are the last two signs to have a ruler of their own. Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio became more acceptable as humanity evolved to the point where their true nature became comprehensible. Discovery of these rulers coincided with this evolvement. Perhaps with the discovery of the Asteroids we are seeing more of the nature of Virgo with it’s bits of matter scattered throughout the Zodiac. Perhaps Chiron is taking over the rulerships of Libra as we are perceiving relationships in a new light.

Pluto deals with the mysteries of death and regeneration. We are only beginning to comprehend the regenerative side. It may be in this sign that we take another giant step. For we have considered relationships to be the death of the individuality for the sake of love, partnership, security of the group, etc. We are recognizing and refusing to make these total commitments, even on penalty of death or separation.

This capitulation has always been a cop-out. Any relationship is a challenge to selfhood. The challenge need not end in either/or. We are beginning to see relationships can exist between two individuals who do not give up their selfhood.

Indeed this kind of relationship can be more, rather than less, secure. If you have Pluto in Libra or the Seventh House you will find yourself constantly testing these limits, meeting crisis in relationships. You are looking for a relationship which can survive the tension of differences. We all must sooner or later learn this reality.

However, the lesson humanity needs to learn is coming through this influence and you are on the front line.

Here are a few keynotes of Pluto in Libra. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

PLUTO IN LIBRA: A generational indicator for transformation of relationships, relationship healing, deeper honesty and communication in relationships, sweeping changes in the justice system and law enforcement, warfare, also in sports and sports psychology and therapy. Fine arts available to the masses. Deeper, more complex themes portrayed through art.

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