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Pluto – Power, Money, and Mass Production

Pluto represents the power in the company or in the individual and where Pluto is placed is also the source of many transformations and resurrections during the course of your or its lifetime. Pluto is associated with your wealth as an individual and a company as well as where that wealth may be hidden.

The placement of Pluto in the chart shows where the greatest transformations can occur and the doorway that leads to those transformations is directly equal to how willing and courageous you or your company can be in the face of adversity. Pluto’s placement in the chart represents the pools of contacts we have as resources for future transformations.

Individuals and companies that have a highly aspected or angular Pluto or many influences in Scorpio have tremendous ups and downs in their lifetimes. There are numerous examples of people who have been bankrupted or experienced huge losses in their lifetimes yet have persevered to rise to new heights, much like the phoenix that burns to ashes and then rises again to greater power and consciousness.

If you have a highly aspected Pluto your primary gift is that of transformation. You can apply this to such fields as the environment, the economy, in social systems as well as in the field of transforming technologies where you are challenged to take systems, people, and methods that aren’t working and turn them around. You can be a type of corporate shaman and you arrive at this ability through your own experience in your professional as well as personal life.

Since Pluto is related to the word plutocracy, strong Pluto influences in the chart may indicate dealings with money and finance. This requires a type of surrender to its power and its darkness. When we surrender our fears, our secrets and our addictions, Pluto gives us back our power and “gold”, which is the treasure or gift we receive when we sacrifice old patterns and fears to new creative possibilities. It is the return we receive when we make decisions particularly financial and psychological decisions in business. It is the gift received when, with fortitude, we exhibit courage and risk making creative changes long overdue.

Pluto was the wealthiest of the Gods thus the associations with wealth. Like the Shamans of ancient times one of the rites for becoming a shaman was to be buried in a pit of snakes. If you survived, you were able to move between the worlds and become Shaman or Medicine person. This is how Pluto operates in the world.

Pluto is the dark character found in all fairy tales. The wicked witches, the evil wizard, the Darth Vader. In the fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin helps the young maiden make gold out of straw to please and meet her obligations to the King and his son, the Prince. She is required to pay something for each favor that Rumpelstiltskin bestows upon her. When she has nothing more to give, she pledges her first, not yet conceived child for one last favor. When Rumpelstiltskin returns after her marriage to the Prince and the birth of their child, he comes to “collect” his payment, the infant. She has pledged something very dear, but she has received a “loan” and now it is time to pay. This is what happens when we contract for a home mortgage or borrow funds. At a later time we must pay for the power that was given to us to transform our lives by repaying the loan.

We might think of Rumpelstiltskin as wicked. But neither Rumpelstiltskin nor Pluto are really wicked. Both require return payment for the capital they invest in you or in companies. As my Scorpio daughter once said at a very tender young age in response to the question, “Was Rumpelstiltskin a bad guy?” Her thought-provoking answer was, “Rumpelstiltskin wasn’t really a bad guy, he was just a good businessman!”

Where is Pluto in your chart? Where is it in your favorite company’s chart? Has it been the area where you have experienced the greatest pain in your life? Have you or your company passed your Pluto square? Are you in that transition now? What did or are you learning? In the long run, wasn’t it the most profound transformation in your life? After a long abandonment in this area, did you return transformed? Later in this book, there is a chapter on Corporation Delineation. When viewing Johnson and Johnson’s chart, a Scorpio, work with their Pluto and see what you discover.

The previous is excerpted from Georgia’s new book
Business Astrology 101 – Weaving the Web between Business and Myth

About the author:

Georgia Stathis, professional astrologer from Pleasant Hill, CA, works with individuals in helping them draw out these aspects of the self so that a more fertile field of possibility in relationship emerges. She is author of Starcycles calendars and appointment books. She has an M.B.A. degree, and her latest book is Business Astrology 101. She lectures widely on such topics as mythology, relationships, and the correlations of planetary cycles with history and future possibilities.

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