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Pluto Retrograde 2017

Pluto Retrograde 2017- Look Deep Within Yourself

The planets move around the sun in their daily cycles creating the energies around us. When a planet is said to be retrograde is appears to be rotating or spinning backwards. When a planet is retrograde, this is said to be a time out, or a rest period. For weeks or months at a time it moves against the planetary tide. Then it appears to slow down, turn around and resume normal movement (referred to as going direct). Retrograde motion is merely an illusion in reality. During a planet retrograde the energies of that planet are changed. These energies that are created during this time are things you should avoid or take advantage of. The energies are more inner directed or internal – versus their normal outward expressions. And it suggests that we RE-vise; RE-view; RE-everything – go back over that territory, there is something crucial you missed the first time.


Pluto In Astrology

Pluto was discovered by Percival Lowell in 1930. At the time Pluto was in Gemini, the sign related to communication. During the 1930s mass communication systems such as radio and television were in their early stages. Pluto was in Cancer (sign related with home and family) during those years when there was mass obsession with home and father land, while Pluto travelling through Leo saw a time of optimistic expansion after the devastation of war.

Pluto moves very slowly and therefore spends a very long time in each sign. Its influences, because of this, tend to show on social and cultural tendencies.

Pluto is linked to the evolution of our soul and requires concentrated commitment to one-way, you’re-never-going-back, change. Once the old patterns and structures of our lives are incinerated, there is no point in trying to go back in and inhabit a decimated part of the psyche.

Pluto is in Capricorn from November 2008 until January 2024.

Influences of Pluto and Capricorn

Pluto is associated with transformation, Capricorn is associated with the earth, governments and leaders. Both Pluto and Capricorn are symbols of power and control. Its journey through this sign is likely therefore to set some world-changing events in motion.

On a more personal note, Pluto can point to areas where people can achieve personal growth and transformation.

PLUTO RETROGRADE 2017 – APRIL 20 through SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

Pluto Retrogrades on April 20, 2017 and goes Direct on September 28, 2017.

Pluto, the planet of evolution and transformation has entered its annual retrograde phase for the next six months, marking a time when we feel an inward pull to step back and take a serious look at what needs a major structural makeover in our lives. Pluto is the archetypal god of the underworld, so there is no escaping our depths if we want deep and lasting change.

Between now and September 28, were being called to go deeper into our own darkness and shadow issues around power, authority and control. Where does greed, fear or power still lurk in our psyches in a way thats potentially destructive or self-sabotaging?

These are themes that began scratching their way to the surface since Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008. Pluto works like the classic psychoanalytic metaphor of peeling an onion: layer-by-layer in circuitous fashion until we reach the deep core of the issue. It takes time and repetitive emotional experience to deeply excavate an issue in our psyche. We often forget that deep change is certainly no overnight fix.

There is also the potential to scapegoat others and project our darkness and unresolved psychological baggage onto the perfect target. Look to where Capricorn is in your birth chart to see where the greatest level of transformation and inner work is required over the next six months.

With Pluto retrograde 2017, the real change begins from the inside out. It’s like the old axiom: be the change you want to see in the world. Or change your mind, change your world. Easier said than done, of course, but if you’re willing to endure the growing pains of letting go of old attachments and destructive self-punishment patterns, you’re doing the work of Pluto.

Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign representing maturity and building something that lasts. As Pluto continues a very long 18-year transit through the sturdy stars of the Goat, anything lacking in integrity, quality and enduring value should be considered an offering to Pluto’s crucible.

During the Pluto Retrograde:

  • Transformation time
  • Re-examine the changes you in society have been making

Let the transformative fires of Hades turn the dark regions of unconsciousness and self-destruction into the chrysalis of new forms in your life that are built to last. Use the next six months to reflect on where you need to revamp the Capricorn area of your life so that it sustains and supports you like a good father instead of an unconscionable tyrant. The best way to work with this retrograde phase is to have the courage to turn inward and embrace your deepest demons of fear, guilt and shame.

What might each sun sign, therefore, expect to gradually see within themselves and their lives due to Pluto’s retrograde journey through Capricorn? The following describes Pluto retrograde and the signs Aries through to Pisces.

How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Aries

Arians will feel a strong identification with their work and career during these Pluto years and will be strongly aware of and concerned about their professional standing and public image. An important aim for them is to find a way to balance work and play.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Taurus

Personal transformation for Taureans will be achieved through further education, broadening their experiences through study and travel and through the interest they take in religion and philosophy.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Gemini

It will be finances, property, investment and tax concerns that will involve Geminis most over these years and that will have the most transformational effect on their lives. As well as this, emotions will be strong and there is a possibility of a deepening interest in the mysteries of life.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Cancer

Cancerians are likely to see quite a transformation in their closest relationships and partnerships during these Pluto retrograde. The greatest lesson they will learn is the value of interdependence rather than dependence in close attachments. With Pluto being in their opposite sign, Cancerians might expect some serious changes in the way they express their core energy and the way they approach their closest relationships.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Leo

Leos may experience a need to reform their business skills. It may be necessary for them to learn to eliminate any past disappointment and to accept that life doesn’t always go as expected. New career directions could bring them immense success.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Virgo

Virgos will feel a stronger need for excitement, romance and fun. They will need to be more active and challenges will attract them. Through new experiences gained at this time Virgos will find ways of expressing themselves more emotionally and sensitively.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Libra

Librans will find themselves considering their past including their family relationships, childhood, parents, birth experiences and even past lives. Through new insights they will feel a more rounded person.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Scorpio

Experiences Scorpios go through will encourage them to perceive the world, spirituality and the universe in new ways. Mental pursuits are pursued with discipline such as learning academic subjects or learning to meditate.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Sagittarius

Sagittarius will find it necessary to reform their attitude towards money, security and material resources in these months. They may need to learn to appreciate money in a practical way.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Capricorn

Capricorns might see a radical restructure of their self-image. In other words they’re likely to go through an identity crisis during these months. They will be driven to achieve professional and worldly success as this will go towards enhancing their self-esteem. They might benefit through improving themselves through inner, spiritual expansion rather than outward aims.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Aquarius

Aquarians are likely to go through experiences that bring them closer to other people. There strong powers of empathy at this time might make it hard for them to separate their own feelings from those of other people.

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How Pluto Retrograde 2017 Makes a Difference to Pisces

Pisceans will be developing their already strong humanitarian side. They might notice or wish to expand their powers of healing or clairvoyance.

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