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Rat Horoscope 2015



ratFor the natives of Rat this year of the Goat 2015 will be in general better than the previous. There will be more progress, although a moderate one.

Although the year ahead will be a marked improvement, some upheavals can be expected. The limitations will lift, however your success will be based on the level of devotion you give to whatever it is you wish to pursue. As long as you don’t expect everything to drop in your lap you will be able to make gains.

Changes are likely to take place swiftly and without much notice but you always do best when faced with an element of surprise. Adventure is just around the corner.

The second half of the year tends to be better, especially in professional matters.

Despite the global positive balance, the Rat should not expect that a year without any difficulties. Besides, they must not forget that in the Rats’ destiny there are, this year, several “negative stars”, which constitute an alert for eventual and unexpected problems.

Love Horoscope for Rat in 2015

Younger people, and those not yet committed to a stable relationship, may have an interesting year. Their attractiveness will be highlighted, so some “affairs” may happen, although it is highly unlikely that any of them will last.

The rest of the cases may have to face difficulties. They should try to improve their relationship within their marriage and with their family.

Career Horoscope for Rat in 2015

It is very important that in 2015 they pay a lot of attention to their relationship with work colleagues and professional relationships in general. This is their Achilles’ heel in this year of the Goat 2015.

If they don’t treat as important the eventual problems that may be arising, and don’t make an effort to correct what isn’t right, they may have a high price to pay for their slip-up. For instance, there is the danger of ending up isolated.

During the second half of the year the situation tends to improve clearly in this aspect.

Money Horoscope for Rat in 2015

In this area there are astrologers who point to the appearance of a star called Gradual Breakdown. Its symbolism is related to the importance, in agriculture, of a good management of water for the irrigation of cultivated land. Here, water symbolizes money and the existing resources.

If there isn’t a wise and careful management, all the best they have may, in the end of the year, be reduced to almost nothing.

This doesn’t mean that negative things will happen. Above all, it is an alert.

Health Horoscope for Rat in 2015

This is, somehow, the strongest aspect of the year 2015. Health problems are unlikely, and the body will have strength enough to react vigorously before whatever tries to disturb its natural balance.

MESSAGE OF THE YEAR of the Goat 2015 for the Rat

People born in the year of the Rat will have the star Lunar Virtue supporting them.

As it is known, lunar symbolism is more related to tact than with strength. That means it is very important, especially in crisis situations, to pay attention to other people’s feelings. If they do that, Rat will develop an exceptional ability to influence other people, which is half way to solving their problems.

  • Best months of the year 2015 for Rat: January, February, May, July and December
  • What you should strive for in 2015: the freedom to follow your heart
  • Your lucky numbers in 2015: 5, 12, 17, 24, 31, 42

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