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Rat Chinese Horoscope 2016

The Thrifty Rat– Covert Charmer- 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008Rat Chinese Zodiac 2016

Rat Horoscope 2016

Dear Rat, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Monkey 2016! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year will start on February 8, 2016.

RAT Characteristics:

The Rat is anxious not to be a failure, is affable, elegant, generous and lives for today. When it comes to socialising and light-hearted banter the Rat is the best. Attracted to whatever is clandestine, secretive or a bargain the Rat is a clever animal who takes the best possible advantage of all situations. Rats tend to be gullible and fall into traps but they learn from experience and don’t make the same mistake twice. A Rats outer calm hides an inner aggressive restlessness.

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Rat 2016 Chinese Horoscope: An Overview

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Horoscope 2016 for a Rat person. A more detailed investigation of a Rat person’s personalised horoscope would obviously reveal more.

ratThe year of The Monkey 2016 improves for Rats in 2016, bringing fun, play and a festive outlook. The affinity between Monkey and Rat suggest activity, initiation and movement towards goals. It’s a good year to start a new business or even get married!

Highly prized in China, you enjoy being first on the list of the Chinese zodiac astrology cycle. Quick, witty and clever, you make friends easily this year. As past rifts heal, enjoy bonding more deeply with family members.

The Rat in 2016 are gifted with a charming sense of humor, like your celebrity Rat brothers, Burt Reynolds, and Billy Crystal. Your magnetic influence pays off, as you charm friends and family into seeing things your way. Others follow you on an entrepreneurial endeavor.

The Rat enjoys the backing of numerous lucky stars in the coming year. At last happiness and equilibrium return; the labors of the past bear fruit. There will be no problems he cannot handle on the home or business fronts. He receives good news, recognition and unexpected bounty from unlikely sources. In this happy, unpredictable Monkey year Rats often find themselves getting rid of burdens, making new friendships and weeding the dead wood out of their overcrowded lives.

As a star performer, team up with a Snake during this Fire Monkey year. Form alliances in the Year of the Monkey. New straight arrow friends help to balance out your need to take risks, and to zigzag your way around obstacles.

For friendships this year you must seek out Oxen, Goats, Snakes, Dragons or Monkeys. Lay low with Horses, Rabbits, and Tigers. As social occasions increase with friends and family this year, enjoy tapping into your Rat tendencies by enjoying some favorites; Bordeaux, sweetbreads, and (of course) cheese on the side.

To conclude, the Rat horoscope 2016 show that Rats will love this year. So, in the Year of The Monkey 2016 go out and have fun. The Monkey is your buddy, and will see that efforts reap rewards.

This year things become unstable only if the pace overwhelms. Curb the wild imagination just a bit and all will turn out well in the end. Overall, by December’s end the Rat may marvel in reflection that this was perhaps one of his best years in the twelve-branch cycle. Enjoy the excitementas next year will be somewhat more complicated.

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2016 For Love & Love Matches

Dear Rat, in the Year of the Monkey 2016 you are more adaptable (and adorable!) than ever. Sensual and loving, passion increases in your love sphere.

This is an excellent year for marriage, or to build upon friendships, partnerships and new romantic relationships. The Year of the Monkey 2016 it is not a time to give any long term commitments as in the heat of his optimism, the Rat may make promises he cannot fulfill.

But, the Chinese zodiac predictions 2016 for the Rat show that you are extremely picky with those you wish to grace with your presence, which may cause your behavior to seem a bit fickle. However, once the commitment in a relationship is sealed, you are loyal, and often possessive.

In the Year of the Monkey 2016 you must seek a relationship with a delicious Dragon, a pristine Pig, or a tantalizing Tiger.

While Tigers do not make good friends with Rats, this can be an exciting relationship once the love connection is ignited. The Rat with Pig relationship can bring delightful success.

Avoid relationships with Rabbits and Roosters. You do not want to spend the year playing cat and mouse or seeing who can out wit the other. Flexibility in romance is the key to success.

2016 Rat Predictions For Money & Career

Rat, tighten your belt this year, as the Fire Monkey ambiance may means slow financial growth for Rats.

The Monkey Year 2016 is the year to open that savings account or stash cash away in your hole in the wall. You will be glad that you did when unexpected expenses arise.

Avoid any types of speculation, especially in gambling and property for the year of 2016. The Rat should make use of this time to stock up on savings and fight the urge to not overspend.

To up the Wealth luck for the Rat, recommends placing the Large Wealth Ingot at the main reception area of your office or simply make use of this lovely item as a centerpiece at home.

You must avoid sleepless nights by keeping a calendar, a schedule and sticking to a budget.

With an increase in global turbulence, you could feel as if your boat is rocking back and forth. Slick back your whiskers, prepare yourself and scurry through this year being thrifty and discreet.

The Chinese astrology predictions for the Rat suggest that you must avoid speaking to co-workers about your financial concerns, unless you want your private woes to spread like wild fire.

This year be open to new opportunities in a different direction even if you may have some financial concerns this year, Rat.

The good news for the Rat in the Year of the Monkey 2016? You will not be alone while you learn to be more frugal. Channel your desire to hoard, by collecting coin, and your year will be financially promising.


This is the best year for the Rat to startup a new business venture. Prospects run very high, so grab for the moment! A word of caution, though: do not take any risks. This includes sudden business relocations and company transfers.

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