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Rat Horoscope 2018

Rat Chinese Zodiac2018 Chinese Horoscope Predictions For The Rat, Year of The Dog

Dear Rat, welcome to the Chinese New Year of the Dog 2018! According to Chinese astrology, the Chinese New Year 2018 will start on February 16th 2018.

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Rat Horoscope 2018 Overview

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2018 Rat Career Horoscope

Rat 2018 Health Horoscope

2018 Rat Monthly Horoscope

The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Astrology 2018 for a Rat person. A more detailed investigation of a Rat person’s personalised yearly horoscope would obviously reveal more.

Rat Horoscope 2018 Overview

The Rat Horoscope 2018 shows that this  will be an average year for you Rat people. However, thanks to the help of some special friends, things will eventually turn out the way you have hoped for. You might feel that you are under a lot of pressure and that you are running out of energy, nevertheless, take the time off to relax a bit, do some yard work, yoga, or whatever you feel will relax you. Just remember, although it will not be the best year of your life, as long as you take good care of yourself and stay clam and relax, it will still be a satisfying year for you.

Friends will play an important role in your life in the year of Dog 2018. So make friends instead of enemies and appreciate all the good friends you have. They will certainly lend a helping hand when you are in need. However, you must watch your temper and think before you speak.

Focus your energy on learning this year; do not stand on the same spot without moving forward. Remember, knowledge is not only power, it will help you in many different ways.

Thanks to the lucky star “Ba-Tzo”, there is a good chance for you to get promoted, so show them what you’ve got and accomplish something. And if you have been thinking about starting your own business, this could be the year for you. However, choose your partner(s) carefully, someone might pretend to be your friend and then stab you in the back. Watch out for the health of the elderly in the family.

2018 Rat Predictions For Love

The Rat 2018 Horoscope for Love shows if you are in a relationship now, you need to communicate more and work out the problems between you two. Do not ignore these issues, because they might be the prelude to a bigger problem if you don’t deal with them now. Meanwhile, you may experience quick tempers. You need to learn to listen to other and don’t let your emotion take over you.

If you are a single female Rat, it is time to put on your dress and go out more. the year of the Dog will be a time full of excitement and fun!!! Keep your eyes wide opened, cause you have a good chance in finding that special one this year. In fact, the year of the Dog 2018 will be a “peach flower” year for you; this means you will meet plenty eligible guys out there so make sure you always look your best.

As for single male Rats, you are not as lucky as the female Rat this year. But don’t get discouraged, although you may not meet “THE ONE”, you should still go meet different people and make new friends.

To enhance your luck in romance, Rat women can wear some yellow jewelry (like jade or crystal), and Rat men can wear accessories in red or green.

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2018 For Finance

The Rat Horoscope 2018 for money shows that your finance will be fine this year, money may come in slowly, but at least you are still seeing green. Invest wisely and cautiously. Be objective and rational when it comes to investment; do not believe every tip from your friends. If you were born in the year of 1972, you will have a better luck in finance than the other Rat people.

Meanwhile, red, green and purple are you colors this year, so you can either wear them or put some items in your room to bring you good luck.

Year Of The Dog 2018 Predictions For Career

The 2018 Rat Horoscope for Career shows that there is an indication of good wealth luck for the Rat this year! There are plenty of potential for closing lucrative deals – the key is to spend a little on your customers to achieve the last crucial affirmative. Rats will also prosper if they work on improving their PR skills this year – you will have to be the King (or Queen) in order to strike! There is also an indication of a pay rise or a promotion for Rats, too – make use of your decision-making and managerial abilities to prosper.

Rat 2018 Zodiac for Health:

The 2018 Rat astrology for health shows that this will be an ok year for your health. Remember to take time out and exercise, it will make you stronger. Beware of knife, you might get cuts or injury from sharp object and watch your liver and kidney.

2018 Rat Monthly Forecast (Lunar Calendar):

Rat January 2018
Watch your health, don’t overwork yourself.

Rat February 2018
Health is still a concern, but your luck is getting a bit better.

Rat March 2018
Things might get a bit overwhelming and frustrating, so stay low and just get through this month the best you can.

Rat April 2018
Don’t put your fortune on betting or gambling

Rat May 2018
Finally, your luck has turned around, and things are going your way now.

Rat June 2018
This is an interesting month; things will go back and forth between the good and the frustrating.

Rat July 2018
This is the month of opportunity. Hold on to it and make the most of this.

Rat August 2018
There might be trouble ahead, so be careful when you deal with things.

Rat September 2018
Be creative, you might come up with a great idea.

Rat October 2018
There might be a small lost in your investment, but nothing you should lose your sleep over with.

Rat November 2018
A great month for you, and everything will go your way.

Rat December 2018
Just stay low and keep things the way it is.

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