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What Do You Really Need in A Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In astrology Libra is the sign of culture and sensitivity. The people with this sign emphasized (by sun, moon, rising, or several planets) have several interests and propensities that can keep us amused; among these are psychology, counseling, literature, humanities and theater. The theme which occupies this multi-faceted sign the most, however, is romance. Hmm. I wonder what it is that Libras really want in a relationship? Once we peruse that, we’ll look at how each of the signs “play” with this fascinating and popular subject. Yes, let’s look at love around the zodiac!

Aries Sign

Aries may come off all self-sufficiency and rational choices, but these people are real romantics at heart. Oh, they’ll try to fool you with gadgets and how-to books and storytelling, but what they’re hoping for is a real storybook fable unfolding before their very eyes. I wonder if the symbol is the ram or, perhaps, the sheepdog. The ram is blunt and headstrong (no argument there!) but the sheepdog barks first on one side and then goes in from another angle in the seemingly nebulous move towards the pasture gate. The dog has good intentions, in fact, a valid goal; the sheep may not know that though. These fire sign types are great to have in an emergency – like when your hearts on fire! Their gifts are courage and spontaneity. Let the games begin!

Taurus Sign

Taurus wants contented bliss. Nothing more–but nothing less! Their easy-going, docile and steady appearance masks a great deal of emotions and desires. One can’t help but admire that strong will that aids them in the attainment of goals. One can get frustrated, too, with that inflexibility and stubbornness. Taureans are sensuous but practical, indulgent but disciplined, cautious and adventurous. Calculated risks is their game. That includes romance, too. Once they get the steps down, however, these dancers can tango! Their partners oftentimes wish that there were a wider repertoire, but they sure appreciate that their Taurus mates do what they do so well. With the right chemistry, what simmering passion, what powerful urges, what a beefcake! Did I mention that they can cook? Taurus gifts of love include constancy and emotional security. Now take that to the bank!

Gemini Sign

Gemini wants it both ways. Which ways? It depends on the day, usually, but these lovers typically are looking for pen pals, confidants, fellow students, best friends and playmates. I hope you’re multi-faceted and adaptable – these folks are! Sometimes the nervous energy can be trying. Let’s hope they have a consuming hobby or some other release valve. Their feelings follow their thoughts. There will be discussions, let there be no mistake about that. Their youthful verve and curiosity keeps things lively. Hopefully, the changeable swings between the optimist and the pessimist, between the laid-back and picky are conscious and properly channeled. Gemini gifts are vivaciousness and communication, with just a dash of “imp.”

Cancer Sign

Cancer types want to bay at the moon and cuddle in the corner. Romance has its place, they may say, but keep it in perspective with the larger picture of family, commitment, children, security and career. This is a package deal – which may include the in-laws! These sensitive types need reassurances and gestures of love and loyalty. “Sensitive?” their loved ones may say, “with that stubborn streak?” Not so loud! There goes the crab, scurrying off to the side! When you are inside of their affectionate sphere, you will know it. When you’re an outsider, you’ll feel that, too! Cancers get into control when they feel insecure, so it is best to find out what’s bothering them. Could it be the full moon? Their gift to relationships are loyalty and devotion. So they get crabby now and then, aren’t they cuddly?

Leo Sign

Leo loves the limelight and adoration. Do I hear applause? Will the romantic drama have a happy ending? If the ego gets in the way there can be sparks – and I’m not talking romantic. Pride aside, Leo’s playfulness, creativity and intensity will certainly add excitement. Watch them roar when they don’t get their way or enough attention. There’s potential for great fun here though! Sure, there is maintenance in any relationship; but try not to add to the work! Now, don’t pout! Here’s your guitar, start the serenade again! Leo’s gift to love are generosity and enchantment. Play nice, now!

Virgo Sign

Virgos have a half-deserved reputation for self-sufficiency and aloofness. It’s true, they are quite capable of caring for themselves – and half a dozen others, too. Don’t be fooled: this earthy sign is very sensuous. They may think about it first, but they enjoy the caressing touch of their beloved. If there is nothing on the horizon though, Virgos won’t be moaning; they’ll keep themselves busy with various projects and activities. Their minds move as purposefully as their bodies. If they fall for a line, it’s because they want to! Careful of overanalyses and control – you don’t like receiving it, so stop giving it! Follow the golden rule. In love, Virgos’ gifts are honesty and willingness. How cute, flossing in your teddy!

Libra Sign

Libra is represented by the symbol of the scales. Now this doesn’t mean that they are gifted with perfect balance; it is balance that they seek. Harmony with another. Planning a candle-lit dinner and some private dancing tonight? Fine. They are fascinated with human motivation and usually make it a pet subject. Although Libras are apt to discuss many things, they are especially keen on relationships. Libras know that communication is an important key to a healthy love life. A word of advice: It is good to periodically check in to find out the “state of the union” but over-analysis can be trying. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Natural gifts you bring to romance are your appreciation for beauty and your companionableness (is that a word? It’s a fact!). True romanitics!

Scorpio Sign

Scorpio has got a reputation for being over-sexed, jealous, and vengeful. The faint-hearted steer away from such mischief while the real shady characters out there are fascinated. Let me try to set the record straight. Scorpios pay real close attention to loved ones. They want to merge, to meld, to meet the beloved with an intensity that can be…misconstrued. Ah, but what passion. With an all or nothing attitude coupled with a “let them think what they think” facade, one can see how this sign got its reputation. Their gift is their sensitivity mixed with an inner strength. They’re good in a jam…or for breakfast!

Sagittarius Sign

Sagittarius runs pretty fast. Perhaps there is something to the Centaur myth! Depending on who, when, where, and mood, the archer is either pursuing or escaping at a rapid pace! They make great buddies and pals on one hand (or hoof), but if they are interested in romance, they are not as sure-footed and may seem awkward or non-committal. So watch out for the stray arrow or the thoughtless remark. They don’t mean it! If one looks at the inner intent, there is typically no malice present. In fact, life will be an adventure, so keep your suitcase handy! Do you know a foreign language? Their gifts to a relationship are playfulness and a willingness to share. Anyone for the exotic?

Capricorn Sign

Capricorn is another sign with a reputation. If one listens to astrological hearsay, these goats are cool, calculating, opportunistic workaholics! Remember theirs is an earthy sign; this means that it may take a while to warm up but the heat lasts far into the night – and through a cold winter, too! Being good appraisers, they can take that skill into relating, too. Once they make up their minds, they’ll take you for better or for worse. Their humor will help you through those hard times, by the way. It is a package deal with this crew; I hope you like the family. If you can get past the aloof protection, they really do want to be held. Love will heal that place they don’t want to talk about. Capricorn gifts are loyalty and a secure feeling that comes from protectiveness! How wise and wonderful!

Aquarius Sign

Aquarius is a much sought after sign. They are personable, unique and determined. Or is that fickle, eccentric, and hardheaded? They will keep you guessing, but I’ll vote for the higher, noble characteristics. Their stumbling stone, interestingly enough, is also their blessing – the Aquarian mind. Although they are forward seeking, reasonable and inventive, if their mind gets a hold of an idea – wrong or right – they can be like bulldogs on a stubborn streak! Aquarians can superimpose (an interesting word) a pet theory upon life, society, or a loved one and act as if that’s the way of the world! Careful of fascinating ruts! Their gifts are freedom and acceptance of your right to be. We all can use more of that!

Pisces Sign

Pisces can sing a sweet lullaby that will mesmerize you like the sounds of rhythmic ocean waves. But then the fish will spook and leave you wondering where did your lover go to? So mysterious. You will swear that your water person was heaven sent; but wait…did I see a pitchfork over there?…Nope, it was Neptune’s trident! If only they weren’t so hard on themselves. Don’t they know that they’re deep and compassionate and spiritual to boot? A gift of expression with an unruly mind. A paradox? Difficult to fathom? So to speak. Ah, but that’s the time to communicate without words! Let passion speak. Let the romantics sing of better worlds! Piscean gifts to romance are inspiration and true intimacy. Whatever shall I wear for the ball?



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