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Synastry – the science of relationships

Two charts can be compared by placing the planets of one person’s chart into the other’s, and then measuring the aspects made between them.

In general, comparison of compatibility between elements works well, though the closer the planetary aspects are to exact, the more powerfully the energies may be combined. For example if a man has his Sun at 4 degrees Leo, and a woman has her Sun at 21 degrees of Sagittarius, then the fact that both Suns are in the same element would make for harmonious expression of their basic personalities. But if the woman had her Sun exactly 120 degrees away, at 4 degrees of Sagittarius, then the connection would be EXTREMELY harmonious, giving each the deep feeling of being of very similar souls, despite other differences.

In comparing charts of a romantic relationship, the planetary connections to look for are those between Mars of one and the Venus of the other, showing sexual attraction, between each others‘ Venuses, showing similarity of tastes and styles of showing and receiving affection, Marses, showing energy level, Suns, showing similarity of egos, Moons, showing similar habits and comforts, and between the Sun of one and the Moon of the other, showing an emotionally reflective bond, where each can “see myself reflected in your soul.”

Additionally, Uranus aspecting the Mars or Venus of the other will produce excitement and sparks. Compatible Mercuries will show the level of communicative and intellectual rapport that are shared. Aspects from Venus to the Sun or Moon of the other will produce an affectionate link. Aspects from one’s Jupiter to the other’s Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars, will produce an expansive joyful bond. Saturn aspecting the other’s planets may show where there are some inhibitions or feelings of being “bound” in any of a number of senses. Neptune aspecting the others’ Venus or Mars will produce a sense of mystery and romance – or confusion and tragic helplessness. Pluto may create an intense need to control or possess or a feeling of being controlled or possessed and/or may indicate a strong sexual link or intense, transformational relationship.

Of course, the Houses are important in synastry, too. When one person projects his house system over the others’ planets, the planet person, if he or she is receptive, will react in ways appropriate to the “role” in which he or she is cast. Connections to the 7th House may cause the planet person to consider a partnership of some sort. To the 5th House, an affair. The 8th House, sex or control or a path to transformation. The 2nd House, ownership or possession. The 3rd House, an intellectual companion and/or flirting partner. The 1st House, identification. The 11th House, friendship and curiosity. The 4th House, comfort and/or the urge to “mother.” The 10th House, stifling, usage, ambition, the urge to “parent,” and/or the feeling that she is “responsible” towards this person. And the 12th House, confusion, fascination, romanticism, and/or the feeling of having one’s innermost secrets revealed.

In synastry, the houses can also be treated like signs, and the house placements of one partner may be compared to the the sign placements of the other. For instance, a person with the Sun in his or her 5th house may experience a soulful rapport with someone who has a Leo Moon.

And finally, it’s important to first consider the individuals involved. A person who has significant links between his or her Venus and Uranus may be attracted to someone who also has a significant Venus to Uranus connection, (such as Venus aspecting Uranus, Venus in Aquarius, or Venus in the 11th House) or a Mars to Uranus connection.

Of course in comparing charts, it’s important to take everything into account. While a simple analysis may indicate a great degree of attraction and compatibility, often a few stressful aspects can be too much to overcome – or they may provide fuel for an interesting and rewarding relationship to grow on. To the degree that “opposites attract,” those same differences that brought two people together may cause enough friction to drive them apart in the long run. Foreseeing the long-term effects of an attraction is one thing that astrology can do wonders for.

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