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Review Judy Hall’s Past Life Astrology: Use Your Birthchart to Understand Your Karma

When I told several astrologers that my new book, Stars Behind the Tortured Soul Healing Past-Life Memories Through Astrology is about past life astrology and Holocaust reincarnation, they have all said “good, we need more books out there on past life astrology”. They are right, because there are not enough. I am glad to have added one to the small collection of books on past life astrology. But there is a pretty good book by the astrologer, healer, psychic and broadcaster of 30 years, Judy Hall – Past Life Astrology: Use Your Birthchart to Understand Your Karma

Why past life astrology?

Past Life Astrology: Use Your Birthchart to Understand Your KarmaUnderstanding your past lives is quite important. Using past life astrology is a sure way to make discoveries as to how experiences from your previous lives are affecting you more than you would even realize in your current life. Just like I point out in my book as to why there is importance to this, so does Judy Hall in her several books that she has on the topic.

The way she uses past life astrology is done in a slightly different approach than mine but each astrologer has their own “correct” way to make such interpretations. Either way, she does a great job by giving some excellent insights through her work. She explains very powerfully how karma can create self sabotaging behavior in oneself.

And in reality what karma does is present opportunities for one to learn and grow from the past. And I admit, even though I know this, I still struggle with that issue as each and everyone of us do- even for those who claimed to have been completely healed. There is always something “unsettled” within. Judy Hall does a great job by creating such insights. Those who are open to the concept of reincarnation will get a lot from her book (as well as mine, even for those who were not in the Holocaust in their previous lives).

How can past life astrology present a way for us to heal?

Judy Hall also discusses this. She has some great advice on how to tap into within oneself to find that potential to find ways to heal. The way I see it is by examining the easy aspects of your natal chart such as trines, sextiles and some conjunctions depending on the planet, which are karmic gifts (lessons that were successfully learned and that kind of knowledge and energy is passed onto you in your current incarnation).

And instead of letting these karmic gifts go to waste like it happens often, to understand them, tap into them and use them to help overcome the burdensome energies that come from hard aspects (lessons misused or not learned, past life trauma, etc) which are oppositions, squares and some conjunctions especially when it comes to malefic planets.

For instance if you have Venus in the 5th house trining your Libra Moon in the 3rd house. This is an aspect which shows that you have the opportunity to find happiness in creative writing, painting or singing. Use that gift and take advantage of it in order to help you get through the difficulties you are facing due to past life pain. This is how past life astrology can give some incredible insights!

About the author:

Miriam Slozberg was born and raised in Toronto Canada. She is a married mother of two children, still living in the Toronto area. After living through a troublesome childhood, Miriam developed an interest in occult sciences such as tarot, astrology, numerology and other esoteric studies.

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