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Review New Moon Astrology – Jan Spiller

Jan Spiller has done a great job on making astrological knowledge accessible to the everyday person in her new book ‘New Moon Astrology – Using New Moon Power Days to Change and Revitalize Your Life‘.

New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller

New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller

She has a long history of involvement in the astrological field, including contributions as a monthly columnist for Dell Horoscope, the astrology magazine with the largest circulation in the world! Ms Spiller teaches astrology and appears regularly as a radio and television guest. Her previous booksSpiritual Astrology (with Karen McCoy) and Astrology for the Soul have been translated into 10 languages to date.

As the title suggests, the information found in this inspirational and down-to-earth book shows the everyday person how to make the most of each of the 12 New Moon placements.

Each of the twelve zodiac placements are subdivided into relevant sections.

For example Taurus is subdivided in the following way. Taurus rules:

  • accumulation;
  • the physical senses;
  • enjoyment of life on earth;
  • building;
  • reliability;
  • self-worth;
  • inflexibility; and also
  • coughs, throat, chin, neck, thyroid gland voice and vocal chords (in matters of restoring health).

Each of these subdivisions then goes into more detail and gives examples of how to word your wishes.

There is also a chapter devoted to using the New Moon to let go of unwanted unconscious habits. As well as this there is another technique based on your personal 11th House that I found interesting and potentially beneficial to anyone who wanted to try it.

Everything you need, apart from your personalised birth chart, is found within New Moon Astrology. If you don’t have your own chart the book even includes an Internet address where you will be able to draw it up for free! This is the only item you will need to utilise the methods she suggests to make the most of the New Moon symbolism on a personal note.

To get the most out of New Moon Astrology you will need a basic understanding of astrological principles. For example, being familiar with concepts such as houses and cusps would be good, as well as being able to convert time zones comfortably would be handy too.

Personally I find the theories found within this book make astrological sense and I intend on trying some of Spiller’s suggestions to see what happens!

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