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Review Perfect Match – Discovering Your Soulmate

If you are in a relationship and are interested in looking to the stars for checking on the astrological compatibility of your union then this is definitely a book for you.

Anastatia Miller specialises in Eastern and Western astrology and is a certified astrological professional of the International Society for Astrological Research. She is also a research member of the American Federation of Astrologers and is a teacher of Chinese astrology at the Astrology Centre of America.

Miller and her husband, Jared Brown, write for several publications including the “Fusion Astrology” column for Hamptons Magazine, and “In the Stars” for Gotham Magazine.

Together, Miller and Brown explore astrological systems from the Chinese, Hindu, Judaic and Western schools of thought in regards to relationship compatibility. Considering the scope of this book, it does give a detailed explanation of the relevant customs and rituals regarding love and marriage involved in these different cultural backgrounds.

Perfect Match - Discovering Your Soulmate by Anistasia R. Miller & Jared M. Brown

Perfect Match – Discovering Your Soulmate by Anistasia R. Miller & Jared M. Brown

This is the first book I have seen that explores such a wide variety of astrological relationship analysis in a way that the everyday person can access. It seems to have just about everything you will need to get a grasp of these different systems including examples, planetary tables and worksheets. It also has internet links to relevant websites to calculate your birth chart free of charge.

Towards the end of ‘Perfect Match‘ you will find a chapter devoted to frequently asked questions. I liked this. The information found here made it easy to find particular answers to my questions quickly.

Another chapter I enjoyed as the one that looked at a couple of celebrity charts (Michael J. Fox and Johnny Depp). The authors used the systems described in ‘Perfect Match” to examine their respective relationships.

There is also an extensive list of celebrity birth data to practice on – or perhaps to find your ‘perfect match’ amongst the ‘stars’. If you aren’t compatible using one system you have a good chance of improving your odds of lasting bliss by using another!

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