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Review Solar Arcs – By Noel Tyl

SOLAR ARCS - By Noel TylNoel Tyl has written another wonderful teaching book. It’s also very interesting, especially the parts that are autobiographical. Noel uses his own well-timed chart to show hallmarks in his life, and moments of decision making. He urges the writer to use their own chart in a similar manner. Not only can you learn a great deal about an interesting technique, but you can get some insight on yourself and your chart as well.

Solar Arcs are based on the direct travel of the Sun. It advances approximately one degree a year in one’s horoscope. There is actually a bit of variance, based on what time of year you were born. You may have a slow sun if born in Spring, but faster if born in Fall. Tyl explains this in the book, and gives you not only good mathematical formulae, but he also shows you how to “eyeball” certain aspects. He uses the progressed Moon as a timer, which most astrologers do.

Noel also gives some good tips on consultations. It’s fairly easy to look at a natal chart and advance the sun by the number of degrees the person has aged. For instance, you would move the Sun forward 30 degrees at the 30th birthday, 40 at the 40th birthday and so forth. So you can look at a chart and see when a directed Sun (or other directed planet, using the Sun’s arc) reaches an angle or makes an important aspect. It can certainly tell you those moments that have been important in a person’s life, and what moments are likely to be important in the future.

Noel has a chapter about arcs to midpoints as well, and gives us some very interesting information on how to predict using this technique.

There is another chapter on consultation. Noel gives hints and suggestions on how to make your consultations flow more evenly and urges us not to use technical jargon during consultation. That’s excellent advice – some that some of us had to learn the hard way!

There is another chapter about Tertiary Progressions, which “equate every day in the ephemeris after birth (one year of life) to one Lunar Month”. Tertiary Progressions can point out a very important date, and is particularly important when using the angles of the chart.

As if we haven’t been given enough goodies, Noel then gives some great information on rectification, which many astrologers shy from. However, once one has done several rectifications it gets to be almost second-nature, and one can “eyeball” a chart and question the timing of the birth.

There is an ample and excellent appendix to help with interpretations. Would that all books have something like that. It also has a number of well-timed charts which you will find very interesting.

Solar Arcs is an excellent book. It will teach you to use Solar Arcs in the event you aren’t using them already. It is well written and the information is easy to grasp. This is one that should be in every astrologer’s library.

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