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Review The Astrology of Sex by Kim Farnell

The Astrology of Sex by Kim Farnell
Even though relationships are tops among topics posed to astrologers, there are very few books that address them well. And there are even fewer books that discuss sexuality. This may be the reason that the soda pop Sextrology has done so well. Astrology and sex – who wouldn’t buy it? But a book on sex without mentioning Venus doesn’t do justice to desire or love. If you want to know the real deal, then read the Astrology of Sex by Kim Farnell.

This e-book is written for people who know a bit of astrology. It also is an excellent introduction to how traditional astrologers think. Her work is based on both traditional sources and modern day experience. She even polled 350 clients – no small feat when talking about turn-ons.

The Astrology of Sex covers the basics like planets in signs and houses. The pithy introduction to rising signs is better than many books. She also touches on some not-so-basics like antiscia and Arabic parts.

My only criticism is that many of the chapters need fleshing out. I was so excited to see a chapter on antiscia, one of my favorite pet topics, only to get let down when it was only 2 pages. Based on the description and purchase price, I wanted more hours of reading pleasure than I got.

Still I recommend this e-book for all students of astrology. It is also a fun read for anyone interested in the topic. Do your own research on body parts!

If you’d like to read more on astrology and sex, here are two more sources:

Astrology & Sex by Vivian Robson. Mr. Robson was a fine astrologer and his work on fixed stars is widely quoted. His British Victorian heritage (1890-1942) shows through at times, but for dedicated astrologers this is a good read.

On the 5th House by Robert Zoller. Hard to find and a cult classic among Zoller fans.

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