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Review The Book of Rulerships – Keywords From Classical Astrology by J. Lee Lehman

Lee Lehman is an wonderful scholar. For those of us with less patience, she created a most useful resource and one I am loath to leave at home. It is a book of rulerships.

She willingly waded through old manuscripts to bring us a comprehensive list of astrological rulerships. It is organized into three sections: Planetary Rulerships, Sign Rulership and House Rulerships. The keywords are all alphabetized (just like a dictionary or thesaurus).

The Prologue and Introduction are as valuable as the main part. Lehman explains away modern rulerships with a great thesis. For example, if Pluto is the “higher octave” of Mars, how come it’s keywords were traditionally associated with Saturn and not Mars?

The Book of Rulerships - Keywords From Classical AstrologyPublished in 1992, this was compiled before the three Roberts commenced manuscript translations for Project Hindsight. So, it could be updated with more definitions and rulerships. This, of course, is nit-picking. ‘Rulerhips’ is already full, even without cross-referencing the new translations. Every ounce of this work is useful.

If you are a student of horary, this book’s usefulness should be instantly evident. Not sure? Just ask the stars.

If you have to get detailed, as you will in horary, this book is for you. It can help when you are trying to decide if your client’s wallet is inside, outside or between the walls — it can easily help you clarify the questions and answers.

Are you a natal Astrologer looking at someone’s fourth house and seeing they are lucky with property? Lehmans work can help clarify what particluar kind of real estate your client will lucky from.

Just a student who is simply tired with a lack of rulerships resources to research? This book, based on the best and brightest Astrologers of their times, is a perpetually useful resource.

Any student of Horary ought order the book right now. It is a tool of use on any Astrologer’s shelf — beginner or pro.

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