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Review The Next Step Complete Horoscope Interpretation by Maritha Pottenger

The Next Step Complete Horoscope InterpretationFor many astrology students and budding professionals, the hardest step is moving from “bits and pieces” astrology to making sense of the whole chart.

Although “cookbooks” in the field are a great place to begin (breaking down each interpretation as planet in sign, or planet in house, or planet in aspect), at some point, we all have to learn to put the pieces together! Like a puzzle, finding a coherent pattern in all those bits is sometimes challenging!

Complete Horoscope Interpretation has been acknowledged as the best book available for teaching readers how to synthesize–to find repeated themes within a mass of astrological details.

Following is an excerpt from pages 188-189 of Astrology: The Next Step. It points to a set of challenging relationship issues with which a number of people are dealing. This relationship motif has been titled “Fantasy” within the book.

“The search is for that ‘made in heaven’ relationship- a seeking of infinite Love and Beauty through human interactions. So often, the dream is not redeemable in the real world. More positive options include seeking that wonderful experience with someone else (not expecting them to provide it). People can merge with the Infinite through art, beauty, nature and religious or spiritual experiences. Shared ecstasy can be achieved (or fantasies and illusions can be shared).

“Less fulfilling routes include spending one’s life on a quest for Prince or Princess Charming–who either does not exist or seems to be found repeatedly only to turn out flawed later on. Repeated involvements with the ‘ideal mate’ do not always teach the lesson; sometimes people continue to believe that ‘this one is the magic one!’ Or, we can attract victims–whether drug addicts, alcoholics, down and out suffers who look to us to save them, succor them, rescue them, and turn their world into a lovely, rosy glow. The task, of course, is not possible, but if we need to be needed, we may try- for a time. (Then, of course, we end up feeling victimized by the victim!)

“Some people ‘marry God’ because no one else is good enough. We all need relationships; we all need that yearning for something higher, a sense of emotional connection to the Infinite. Seeking the infinite with other human beings is much easier to manage than expecting another human being (or ourselves) to be infinite and perfect.

“Other forms of projection include attracting artists or people involved in helping and healing others. As long as both parties can manifest some of their idealism in healthy ways in the relationship, it can be a most beautiful, loving, and inspiring association.”

Astrology: The Next Step explains how to quickly and easily spot themes and issues such as the “Fantasy” motif discussed above. A key tool is the idea of the astrological alphabet: a concept which links the similar motifs found with a planet, the sign it rules, and the house it rules in the natural zodiac.

For example, Mercury, Gemini, and the 3rd house all share a focus on mental matters, communication, lightheartedness, flexibility, curiosity, and multiple interests. Becoming familiar with the astrological alphabet allows the reader to rapidly identify what is most central and salient in the horoscope.

That theme, called “Fantasy” in terms of relationships, can be indicated by over 60 different astrological placements. Among the possibilities are:

  • Venus conjunct Neptune
  • The ruler of the 7th house conjunct Neptune
  • The ruler of the 12th house conjunct Venus
  • Neptune in the 7th house
  • Venus in the 12th house
  • Venus in Pisces
  • Neptune in Libra

The more times any of these 60+ combinations (including the seven mentioned above) occur in a single chart, the more significant the “Fantasy” issue is in relationships. Also, placements nearer the top of the list are stronger than placements near the bottom.

Astrology: The Next Step by Maritha Pottenger teaches the reader to identify the most significant issues in a horoscope in terms of career, relationships, communication, parents, beliefs and values, children and creativity, money, karmic lessons, and more. It has worksheets for people who enjoy listing items and adding up numbers. It offers a “quick scan” method for people who wish to look at a chart and rapidly get a good idea of what is most important.

Astrology: The Next Step can even be used as a “cookbook” to get “instant” interpretations of planet in sign, planet in house, or planet in aspect. Above all, however, this book is a tour de force for teaching astrological synthesis and psychological insight into the whole person.

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