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Risk Profiles For The Signs Of The Zodiac

What your sun sign says about the way you handle money, trading & business.

Risk Profiles For The Signs Of The ZodiacCould there be a pattern to your best friend’s splurging? Is your great aunt’s wealth due to good luck or good management? How do you make the most of your financial potential?

Take a tour of the 12 signs of the zodiac (‘the Sun signs’) and consider the likely investment and spending strategies of each type.

If you don’t relate to the pattern of your Sun sign, compare insights for your Moon sign or ascendant: there can be other strong influences in your astrological birth chart.

Risk Profiles For Each Signs Of The Zodiac:

Arians tend to be huge risk takers.

Risky business has no appeal to Taureans.

Information junkies, Geminis excel at devising budgets and financial trading plans.

Cancerians need to feel in tune emotionally with the markets they are trading.

Leo is a high flyer who takes calculated risks.

Facts, figures, analysis: air Virgos breathe.

Libras are not great traders of options or futures, as they like to weigh up all the pros and cons before they can make a decision.

Scorpio loves to investigate; will put hours into researching the past, to determine the future.

Sagittarius are the speculators and gamblers of the zodiac.

Highly disciplined, Capricorns will do the research to understand financial markets.

Aquarians are great thinkers; tap into group consciousness.

Pisceans are highly intuitive and connected to the group psyche on a feeling level.

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