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Sagittarius April 2015 Horoscope

This month, with Mars transiting your sixth house, you should see work projects taking off, or a new work opportunity coming your way. As the Sun and Uranus are in the fifth house at the same time, there is a very strong drive to express yourself in inventive terms; to write, to act, to perform in public.

If you have creative projects underway, expect that they could take an important leap forward during the first three weeks. You will want to be noticed and appreciated. You will be not one to shy away from taking chances, and for some with this placement, the thrill of a risky but promising gamble, new investment, or speculation will be hard to resist this month.

You will want to enjoy yourself and share pleasant experiences with those who are close to you, so do take the time out for family (especially children) and loved ones.

The Sun moves into next sign on the 20th, and joins planets in your solar sixth house of work, health and daily habits.

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